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Abadi: What is happening in Tuz strife could spread the fire to the rest of the provinces

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Abadi: What is happening in Tuz strife could spread the fire to the rest of the provinces

Monday, 11/16/2015 0:56

/ Baghdad / Baghdad news
said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said what is happening in the district of Tuz as "sedition" between the three Iraqi components, and as he emphasized the Iraqi army post in the liberation of Sinjar operations, stressed the need to protect the Iraqi judiciary citizen "weak" and not officials. He said Abadi on the sidelines of a meeting with a number of civilian activists in Babylon, according to a statement his office had received "Baghdad News" a copy of it, that "the three authorities not every one is working in isolation and there is an overlap in their work and it was in the past there are clashing with each other and we tried to achieve homogeneity and harmony between the executive and legislative branches and succeeded during the last term, but there are those who do not like him that, "he said, adding" We can not work without the cooperation of the political blocs with us. "He stressed Abadi" the importance that protects the judiciary citizen oppressed and the weak in society and not those responsible and influential, "pointing "the importance that the judiciary take its role and work to eliminate corruption." With regard to the situation in Tuz Khurmatu, between Abadi, that "what is happening sedition between Arabs and Kurds, Turkmen and any party incite fighting trying seditious because it would threaten after the rest of the provinces, and there are efforts are being made ​​to keep the situation reached crisis cell out there, but some pay in order to gain votes and we are working in order to stop the bloodshed and heading guns to Daash. "He pointed Abadi, that" the president of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani called me two days ago and we discussed the importance of Sinjar because they cut off the road to supply terrorists between Mosul and tenderness, "noting that" the editing process involving the Peshmerga within the Iraqi security system and the Iraqi army through the aviation as well as the lifting of mines and improvised explosive planted and Sinjar freed demolished by Iraqi and must raise the Iraqi flag in it. "The al-Abadi, said that" there are those who speak flags from the Kurdistan region and at the same time present a paper where all the concessions in order to withdraw the mandate ", adding that" the reforms did not target people but came to get rid of the quota system, I have not dismissed any position without reference to the Cabinet and parliament, "he said, adding" the importance of objectivity opposition voices that we hear them and benefit from them. "He announced the Information Office of the Sadrist movement for the arrival continued to stream delegation to spend Tuz Khurmatu, east of Tikrit, on the back of the clashes, which witnessed the elimination of the Peshmerga forces and the crowd of Turkmenistan. The office said in a statement seen by" Baghdad News "that" the delegation of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr arrived to spend Tuz of the province of Salahuddin, headed by the official spokesman for al-Sadr, Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi and Vice-Chairmen of the political body of the Sadrist movement Zia al-Asadi and Prince Kanani. "He added that" the judiciary had witnessed armed clashes between factions of the popular crowd and the Peshmerga during the past two days left a number of casualties among the parties, and that was evacuated was declared a ban on roaming in the judiciary. "For its part, demanded high MP Nassif government to have a clear position towards Tuz events and abuses suffered by the citizens of the city at the hands of Massoud Barzani militias and deals convened by with Daash exchange control of the territory in Sinjar and others. (as described) Nassif said in a statement: "Baghdad News" received a copy of it, that "the Iraqi government should have a clear attitude towards the suffering of the Turkmen in the district of Tuz of criminal practices carried out by the Barzani militias of killing and the burning of orchards and occupation of territory, "noting that" the government should to Atjaml as Jammelt Unfortunately, in a lot of strategic issues. "She added that" the Government of admissibility to clarify its position towards the deals that are held between Barzani and Daash which exchange through which control over land and call it liberating to kept Barzani, similar to what happened in the Sinjar district, which completely cleared of elements Daash and entered Massoud forces without a fight. "She called Nassif, the international community and the United States to" clarify their attitude towards the risks to the Arab provinces in Iraq's attempts to change the demographic ", criticizing the" silence applied by some leaders of political blocs about what happens from deals between Daash and Barzani. " he felt honest parliamentary head of the Hassan Salem that what happened in Tuz in northern Salahuddin province, will be contained and will not affect the joint coordination between the popular crowd and the Peshmerga forces in planning for the Liberation of Nineveh province ., said Salem for "Baghdad News" that "wise people they give priority to reason and wisdom in resolving differences and end the crisis spend Tuz Khurmatu as soon as it has a negative impact has been serving Aldoaash on the national interest account." He added that "all of our duty to the liberation of all usurped areas and we expect exceeded this ordeal as quickly and containment through skill and experience of the leaders of the popular crowd and political experience as well as the military. "said Salem said" what happened in Tuz will be exceeded and will not have any impact on the joint work between the popular crowd and the Peshmerga forces in the liberation of the usurped territories by Aldoaash and on her head the battle to liberate Nineveh. "Search Deputy Speaker Iaram Mohammed with the President Fuad Masum ways to contain the crisis that occurred in the district of Tuz. The two sides stressed during a telephone conversation between the two, Luke statement journalist for the Office of Sheikh Mohammed, seen by" Baghdad News "on" the importance of continuing efforts by the Commission, which was formed under the guidance of my presidency, the parliament and the republic and the government for an immediate cease-fire and prevent new clashes between the Peshmerga and popular crowd forces in the district of Tuz. "and fell dead clash took place between the strength of the Peshmerga and the elements of the popular crowd after a dispute centered on a checkpoint in Tuz . and Tuz inhabited by national mixture, one of the disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil and held the conflicting parties meeting attended by Khalid Huani representative of the President of the Republic and (Major General Bakhtiar) the commander of the Iraqi air force representative of the head of government. They decided to form a special committee to contain the crisis and the liberalization of detainees on both sides and compensation affected by the problems that erupted between the Peshmerga forces and factions of the popular crowd, as was agreed in the meeting to vacate the current forces in the district of Tuz and the formation of a joint force of the Peshmerga and the crowd the popular Federal Police for the management of security in the region and the abolition of checkpoints. He added the statement, he "confirmed through Contact with President infallible on the need for the commitment of all parties to the terms of the agreement obtained to reduce the shedding of innocent blood and prevent the burning of citizens' houses. "called the National Alliance to conduct an immediate investigation to cause Tuz and make the perpetrators out of the judiciary, while stressing the need to preserve the lives of civilians and public and private property in the Tuz., said the coalition in a statement posted on its website briefed "Baghdad News" it, that "in light of developments of the unfortunate events in the elimination of safe Tuz confirms the Iraqi National Alliance, the importance of giving priority to mind the language, and the adoption of the approach of the national dialogue, to contain the ongoing elimination of the events away for the escalation and tension. "He said the coalition that" our fight against al-Daash We must lead us to more unity, and assemble bypassing nationalist fanaticism, sectarian and class ", adding that" any attempt to ignite sedition, and the targeting of innocent people in the judiciary serve the objectives of the organization Daash and his project " . He called on the coalition to "immediate and urgent investigation into these events, and make the perpetrators of them to justice," stressing the need to "blood letting of such condemnable acts of compromising the unity of our people in their fight against terrorism." He said the coalition on the importance of the "Save the lives of civilians in the judiciary, and their property, as well as public property. "She appealed to a member of the Committee on the Rights of parliamentary human MP Ashwaq dry reference religious supreme in Najaf of Mr. al-Sistani to send a representative to prevent sedition and put an end to the fighting between brothers and save peaceful coexistence in the district of Tuz. She dry in a statement quoted its press office "The supreme religious authority for our return to the arbitration of reason and logic and ward off the temptation over the previous years in its intervention pivotal issues and giving priority to mind the language of the language of weapons between the brothers and the door of bloodshed appeal to them to intervene as soon as possible to send a representative to spend Tuz to save lives and stop the bloodshed." She that all political and party interventions will not put a solution to the crisis that broke out in the district of Tuz, so the wisdom of reference and her audio will be a definitive solution and finally to ward off strife and bloodshed and save lives and stop the fighting between brothers. "For its part, the problem cell crisis announced to end the elimination of Tuz crisis, yesterday Sunday, on the terms of the agreement between the conflicting parties in the judiciary to end the crisis, confirmed the agreement on the basic terms of the most important, that the Tuz police are to be responsible for the security and stability of the judiciary. The committee member said Jassim Mohammed Jaafar said in an interview I followed "Baghdad News" that "the committee set up by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met with the parties to the conflict in the district of Tuz in order to end the conflict, "noting that" The Committee agreed with the parties on the basic terms of the most important, that the Tuz police are to be responsible for the security and stability of the judiciary and to be the Peshmerga and the crowd Daeman her. "He added Jaafar, said "The second item included compensation for those affected, and the third is the release of the abductees, and the fourth item Sitarat ensure that all entrances and exits will be shared between the police and the crowd and the Peshmerga, as well as a number of points that have been agreed upon."

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