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Abdul-Mahdi: Iraq plagued world war a new kind of

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Abdul-Mahdi: Iraq plagued world war a new kind of


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} saw the leader of the Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq's oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, "The Iraqi people plagued world war of a new kind, noting that" political opportunism at the levels of global or local recurrence embrace, or what it calls the containment, the forces of terrorism, but advocates plans, believing that Mhaddentha in Dar es other Siqiha harm in their own backyard. "

He said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "it was not the rise of Nazism after World War I spontaneously, but helped him and contributed to by all influential parties .. First, because of retaliation policies and sanctions imposed by the victors of the first war, and that fueled feelings hatred, extremism and violence which was carrying Hitler at all. Secondly, because of Althadden policies, and the belief that she could use Hitler against its enemies. When the latter became an adviser {1933}, and began to liquidate his opponents internal and building his theories racism collaborated with him most of the countries, which Harepetth later welcoming openly and secretly to its policies hostile Communism, Jews and Muslims. "
"And when Hitler began to declare its projects expansion at the level of the European continent, the annexation of Austria {March 1938}, Haddenh the French and the English in" Munich treaty, "which allowed him to annex Czechoslovakia gradually believing that he would be satisfied, while they opened his appetite for more. No allies open their eyes and hesitantly, but After the fall of Poland and formally declare war {1939}. As for the Soviet Union, it has provided the opportunity to wrestle "capitalism" among the forces, and share with Germany spheres of influence Eastern Europe and the Baltic .. and he signed with Germany Agreement "Molotov-Ribbentrop / August 1939", which is the security of Hitler's Eastern Front, and allowed him to occupy Paris in June 1940, and access to the north of France, to settle in the "Normandy" and the French coast in preparation for the invasion of the United Kingdom ".
He pointed out that "Hitler's power was enhanced alliance with Italy and Japan, and his control over the regions and many countries Kromanaa, Bulgaria, Hungary, and the Netherlands and Belgium and Alluxmberg and France .. He found strength in himself, and the weakness of others and the fear of it what allowed him to veto the agreement with the Soviets .. and began the process of" Barbarossa "{June 1941}, which mobilize fighters have millions of Germans, and reached out to the outskirts of Moscow."
He said the "United States stayed out of the battles feel secure and confidence away from her entrenched remote Bakartha, it came to be devastating and wide-aircraft Japanese attack on US warships moored in" Pearl Harbor "{December 1941 Port}, which came Kouka bolt on the president," Roosevelt "American people, and to enter the United States battles of World War II it took all dimensions and strengths.
"The scene is repeated day political Valanthazah at the levels of global or local recurrence embrace, or what it calls the containment, the forces of terror, but pro-plans, believing that Mhaddentha in Dar es other Siqiha harm in their own backyard .. or that help to fight the opponents will make them forces friendly to him . did not benefit the United States the lessons of September 11 .. and did not benefit the Europeans lessons of Algeria, not everyone Iraq and Syria lessons benefit and others. The "Daash" Terrorism is global head of threat .. It is still strong in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan and many Asian and African countries .. and foundations Caliphate State in Iraq and the Levant .. It has many centers of cells religious in the Gulf, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and other African and Asian countries .. without talking about institutions and sites media, and the funding that comes to him from leading businesses and organizations men. but terrorism has become part of the social fabric of sliced ​​wide in In Europe and other continents of the world. "
He concluded by saying "It's a global war of a new kind .. war did not start today .. but she began long ago and has been plagued by many peoples and the first of the Iraqi people .. have we made sacrifices expensive and dear .. and screamed loudly, and explained a lot .. but political opportunism what still controlling .. Terrorism is not strong, but when Ahaddenh others, and publish images horror Mtheben him, believing that they can invest it against their opponents or to strengthen their roles. Is it going to move the events of Paris, and move the attack "Pearl Harbor", the forces of anti-terrorism to unite against "Daash?" .finish

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