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Conversion projects to the development of regions postpaid

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Conversion projects to the development of regions postpaid

11/16/2015 0:00

Isra Baghdad, Basra, al-Samarrai - Saad Al-Sammak
about the Baghdad Provincial Council implement service projects for the year 2016 of the regional development plan to the payment on credit due to lack of financial allocations. This came at a time when the local government of Basra received offers from foreign companies to set up desalination plants by postpaid.
Chairman of the Commission services to the outskirts of Baghdad in the Council to Hegel said «morning»: The Council decided to transform the future of its projects in 2016 for a year of regional development to plan implementation Order-term, as the Council promising priority to projects of school buildings for the construction of about 100 distributed among the six Directorates of Education in Baghdad School as needed and student density areas which suffer from overcrowding numbers of students per class and health clinics, hospitals, water projects and sewage and paving roads in the province of Baghdad districts .
He revealed Hegel for a study to implement a project Mjsr on the Tigris River starts from the cities area descended on the international road to Baghdad, Diwaniya and serve the complex Basmajh residential, adding that the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 347, which aims to filter all the projects is carried out in previous years in the provincial council Disable it or complete a the completion of which was advanced ratios. He stated that the Council of Ministers had already allocated $ 12 million to the province of Baghdad to implement service projects in a way payment on credit, declaring the intention to maintain the implementation of 450 projects in the areas of the cities and NAHRAWAN and Husseiniya stopped precaution because of the financial crisis faced by the country.
For his part, an official source in the province of Baghdad «morning»: that the province and directed all its divisions and its people in order to make statements on all regions in coordination with the municipality and the local administrative units and councils with a view to inclusion service projects under Advanced campaigns include all areas of Baghdad.
The source continued: that is very important investment as a substitute for lack of financial allocations , and that the investment process in the capital have fallen significantly as a result to open the door for investment companies and people the conditions laid down do not meet in the investment law for the lack of similar work in other cities.
In the meantime, the local government of Basra received offers from major foreign companies to set up desalination plants for Using postpaid million cubic meters per day.
The president of the provincial council morning Albzona «morning», that there is more than one company expressed a desire to implement the project in a manner postpaid.
He said that including a coalition of Japanese Mitsubishi companies and Dana Kuwaiti Metito and the two French Veolia Waco mite Swiss he said, adding that a delegation of the provincial council will travel next week to the Ministry of Planning to study the offers made ​​the best of them and choose to start the contracting process, and thus the establishment of desalination plant in Basra.
For its part, the Chairperson of the Committee on development and reconstruction in the Council flower Albjara: that the coalition of Japanese Mitsubishi companies said and Dana Kuwaiti Metito who made ​​his presentation, said he has private banks to finance the project which will be implemented in a manner postpaid.
For his part, the representative of a coalition of Japanese Mitsubishi companies and Dana Kuwaiti Metito Mustafa Sheikh «morning» that specialists in the company discussed with the concerned authorities in the province of Basra, Initial ideas and visions on the establishment of desalination plant, in order to prepare final plans to the light.

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