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Send items of the ration to Anbar

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1 Send items of the ration to Anbar on Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:04 am


Send items of the ration to Anbar


11/15/2015 0:00

Baghdad Al-Sabah Ahmed Abed Rabbo  
The Ministry of Trade to send a new meal from the ration card into a modern judiciary and hand-Baghdadi in Anbar province, as revealed by the arrival of large amounts of cooking oil and rice imported into the country within the signings own vocabulary ration.
The Director of Planning and Follow-up Department The ministry Hussein Farhan cream in a statement to «morning»: that the ministry plans to send a new meal of food within the card Altamoanh into a modern judiciary and hand-Baghdadi in Anbar province, in collaboration with the United Nations, which in turn has provided a large number of trucks that will transport those materials out there to accompany the security forces.
He noted that the ministry had been processed over the past months, modern cities and al-Baghdadi, and the rest of Anbar province under the control of the security forces areas, vocabulary ration card, despite the difficulties and risks to the cadres of the ministry during and distribution of materials transport in those areas.
The ministry had formed the middle of last year, the crisis of its mission to facilitate the delivery of food to displaced people in the general areas, including the provinces of Kurdistan region cell, as well as coordination with the security forces to distribute food among the citizens in the liberated areas of Conception terrorists «Daash».
The ministry spent more than billion and $ 100 million until last August of the budget allocated to the card, which this year amounted to only two billion dollars, compared to (5 7) billion dollars over the past years. He hilarious that the ministry is still continuing processing of the displaced families vocabulary ration card through the formation of committees and task forces are developing agencies rations in some areas and equipping the displaced families immediately, pointing out that the ministry is doing its best in order to deliver food to the hot spots, including the liberated recently Conception gangs «Daash» infidels.
He revealed the arrival of large amounts of cooking oil, which confirmed that it will provide Khozanha strategic article of oil for the next two months, as is currently being subsidiarity five ships loaded with rice importer in the southern ports, pointing out that the ministry has completed the screening procedures laboratory that showed results of the validity of rice for human consumption and its conformity with the specifications and contractual terms.
include ration per capita rice, flour, vegetable oil, sugar and powdered milk vocabulary (for children), and of the quantities to be provided annually four million and 400 thousand tons of wheat, and about one million tons of rice, and 800 000 tons of sugar, more than 500 thousand tons of infant formula, and 600 thousand tons of edible oil.
At the same time, the Minister of Commerce stressed Agency Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese that the measures taken by the ministry during the laboratory testing processes, is an important part of the contracting mechanisms and come to maintain the safety of citizens and prevent the entry of invalid materials or inferior to the country.
He said Sudanese in a statement «morning» received a copy of it: that laboratory testing mechanisms, whether in port or at border crossing points heavily-purpose prevent the entry of any poor-grade material for the purposes of the ration card .
He added that the ships carrying the contractor vocabulary them, prevent them entering the territorial waters of Iraq except in the case of the success of that vocabulary in laboratory testing procedures and ensure safety in terms of quality and quality in the countries of origins.

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