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Journalists' Syndicate in Najaf demanding disclosure of the circumstances of the assassination of the Euphrates photographer

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Journalists' Syndicate in Najaf demanding disclosure of the circumstances of the assassination of the Euphrates photographer

:: 2015/11/14
{Najaf: Euphrates News} condemned the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in Najaf strongly the assassination of Furat satellite channel photographer colleague Imad al-Jubouri, loaded with security and government agencies responsible for preserving the lives of journalists who Ttaiwihm organized violence machine.
According to a statement of the union received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "the colleague Jubouri of professional colleagues who have always put beautiful fingerprints through his relations with his colleagues in the press family Anajafip who was killed after he was kidnapped from the duration and his body was found yesterday in one of the areas of the city." .
"The Journalists' Syndicate in Najaf looks forward to a beautiful and prosperous future for the media professional in our beloved Iraq and in the holy city of Najaf in particular, which is freedom of the press to practice the work of journalists and the media to express their opinions and the right of criticism, but warns of persistence and some exposure to journalists, threats and harassment and killing terrorist Boaada This is a violation of the constitution and international norms relating to press freedom and does not allow to be a journalist and media target for both himself tempted to carry out criminal acts and terrorist threatened and targeted by criminal terrorist groups that did not like the press in his turn, the real work as a leader in the community affects not affected. "
and it demanded the journalists syndicate in Najaf in a statement the competent authorities "to disclose the circumstances of the incident and found as soon as the real causes of crime heinous to make sure that there are no motives and purposes or knowledge to be exact and the search for those who could be behind this vicious incident."
She stressed Council of Najaf and security agencies and other government institutions in the province, "the need to respect journalists and the media as an independent supervisory authority and partner in building the foundations of the nascent democracy in the country."
The statement concluded, "God May the deceased colleague Jubouri great mercy and inhabited by the Gardens of mole and pray to God to inspire his family and loved ones, friends and family Press patience and fortitude, and I am God and to Him we return.
"The security forces found the body of al-Jubouri, in one of the abandoned village of Al-Ghadeer province of Najaf, home after five days of losing contact him .anthy

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