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Congress to reconsider Basra demanding assignments in the province's budget in 2016

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Congress to reconsider Basra demanding assignments in the province's budget in 2016

November 12, 2015 0

MPs demanded the province of Basra, on Thursday, the government granted the province a full share of petro dollars, accusing the government to waive the share of the province.

He declined MP for the conservative beauty Muhammadawi at a news conference with deputies of Basra and was attended by the correspondent of the agency, "our economy" news "to maintain the allocations in the budget for the financial year 2016," returned "unfair allocation of the province and its bid".

He denounced Muhammadawi "what he considered an encroachment on the rights of people of the province," and urged "the granting of Basra due from the general budget," calling "of the Presidium of Parliament and members of the House of Representatives to support the province to gain maturity and not to be taken lightly right guaranteed by law."

He added that "Basra suffers from Mahromep despite the large amounts of money provided by its oil wealth and its geographical location that," pointing out that "the first of the Federal Government to direct their attention more on the province of Basra, which supply the budget Packer of 80% of the increase in every year." .

He was surprised Muhammadawi of "the government's position of the province which he named Palmncubh that bear the burden of oil production and environmental pollution accompanied by without getting something equivalent to those dangers and suffering," stressing "the need to redress Basra and lift the injustice it and that the federal government fulfill its promises, which kept her from Federal Court decision payment of petro dollars without considering the rights of the public budget, "stressing that" the inalienable right can not be waived. "

He called Muhammadawi "reconsider paragraph Basra province allocations for redress, similar to the rest of the oil-exporting provinces," denying "waiver representatives of Basra in the House of Representatives for the right of the people of the province."

The Ministry of Finance announced in (15 September 2015) to send the draft general budget bill for next year to the Cabinet for discussion, and then forwarded to the House of Representatives for a vote, it has provided one of the paragraphs of Article II (expenses) to adopt "the amount of $ 2 for each barrel of crude oil producer in the province, and (2) a dollar for every barrel of crude oil refined in refineries maintain, and (2) a dollar for every 150 cubic meters a producer of natural gas in the province, "while the Council of Ministers when approving a draft in (18 October 2015) the adoption of one dollar instead of two dollars for every barrel, while the local government in the province is looking to get five dollars.

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