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High stock of the country's water to 25 billion cubic meters

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High stock of the country's water to 25 billion cubic meters


11/11/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Ahmed Abed Rabbo,
predicted the Ministry of Water Resources water inventories rising to 25 billion cubic meters, the end of the current winter season, confirmed his arrival reservoirs of dams currently to $ 15 billion after it was no more than 13 billion before the latest wave of rain. And coincided Altbashir with the expectations of local government and Wasit high Tigris River water level as a result of heavy rains.
SOD and reservoirs in the ministry director Mehdi Rashid Mahdi said in a statement »Sabah», said water inventories in the dam reservoirs now risen to 15 billion cubic meters After that it was no more than before that the 13 billion before the wave of rains and floods which recently witnessed most of the country's provinces, useful that the dams and lakes, reservoirs in the country lost during the summer season last large amounts of water quotas, but it reinforced the wave of floods and the recent rains.
It is said that Baghdad and some provinces have seen during the past few days, heavy rains, led to the sinking of most areas.
revealed water resources last week that the amount of water passed in Zab River, which feeds the Tigris River rose from 60 to 300 cubic meters per second, as water levels rose passed to bridge Mosul from 100 to 600 cubic meters per second, as well as significant improvement in the releases of the Tigris and the Euphrates.
He said Mehdi, a ministry adviser and official Tdtha, that the ministry has developed elaborate scheme to benefit from the water, which rose on the back of the rains and floods amounts, indicating that the rains raised the level of Altsariv River Tigris in Baghdad from 400 to 700 cubic meters per second, and expected high water inventories in the country to 25 billion cubic meters, the end of the current winter season, pointing out that the weather forecasters suggest the continuation of rainfall during the season.
The General Meteorological Organization has predicted that Baghdad is witnessing and the rest Provincial rain mild to moderate increase in strength on Monday night and during the day on Tuesday.
The Ministry of Water Resources was revealed last month that it will provide adequate water quotas to irrigate an area of over four million acres within the winter growing season plan, but the Euphrates River basin is suffering from a deficit water up to 80 percent, which is attributed by experts to the lack of previously riparian States' adherence to international agreements concluded on the regulation of the quantity and quality of water releases.
He continued the Director of Public Authority for dams and reservoirs that his ministry is working on securing allocated for agricultural and domestic uses in addition to the industrial full water quotas, stressing in context itself its tireless efforts to stop the abuses taking place on the water bodies and river basins.
For his part, expert Bhoan Engineer Qais al-Bayati water special permission »Sabah», it is premature now to predict the development of Iraq's water inventories and amounts that will make Iraq in a good water status or not, the fact that what is known as the most famous water Alrphi which supplies the country with more than 70 percent of water imports, which in February and April and May, has not yet begun, considering that the interest amounts rainfall be within the upstream and not in the basin to enable the country to benefit from the most complete and Jh.ovi Wasit , said a member of the municipal council in terms of the Liberal David Salman «morning» that heavy rains witnessed by the province during the Monday evening as well as the floods coming from the Iranian highlands caused the rise of the Tigris River water level, which led to the collapse of the bridge the floating.
He pointed out that the municipal council He had called on the local government to provide financial support for the maintenance of the bridge.
He explained that the bridge was abbreviated distance between Kut and the Liberals about 15 km if the old road that exposure to Taksvat because tankers transport crude oil from the Ahdab Alnafty.mn the other hand, adopted a local official in Wasit «morning» that the rains that caused flooding in the city in the streets of Essaouira spend 135 km north of Kut.

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