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Where] published the text of the Law of the Sea identity

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Where] published the text of the Law of the Sea identity


publishes agency all of Iraq [where] the text of the identity of the seas, passed by the House of Representatives at its meeting today and came in the text of the law, the law:
Name of the people
building "on what passed the House of Representatives and approved by the President of the Republic and based on the provisions of subsection [first] of article [61] and item [III] of article [73] of the Constitution,
issued the following law:
No. [] to the 2014
identity law Seas
Article 1 the following terms for the purposes of this Act the meanings indicated opposite thereto:
First Minister: - Transport Minister.
Second Version employee: - employee authorized by the Minister power to issue identity seas and Extension and Tochireha.
Thirdly identity of the sea: - document issued by the state of the seas according to which Supported bang specifications for the purpose of leaving the Republic of Iraq and return to it for the purposes of marine service indicating the nationality of the seas and identity and his Marine is competent maritime labor, health and safety and includes a petition to the state authorities and the authorities of foreign and provision of assistance to the holder and comprehensiveness care, and protection when entering or passing through for the purposes of enrollment or disengagement from the ship.
IV. Seas: - the person in charge of work on the ship in any capacity whatsoever.
V. ship: - floating unit that roam the high seas.
Article 2 consists identity seas [48] forty-eight pages except for the cover, and the page is displayed [10] ten centimeters in length [ 15] fifteen centimeters and have color Cover Blue dark and mediates the cover identity seas motto of the Republic of Iraq, and mediates each page image of the emblem of the Republic of Iraq, and have color pages Blue opening, according to the form attached to this law Article 3 issued identity seas, seas based on a written request including full name, date and place of birth and address of the occupation or profession Article 4 The term of the identity of the sea into force [8] years from the date of issue may be extended for a period not exceeding two years Article 5 First: - The Minister or his nominee's refusal to grant identity seas, Lamour relating to maritime security, maritime safety. Secondly: - Withdraw the identity of the seas of the holder by the minister or his nominee if the act is punishable by law affect the security or the interests of the Republic of Iraq or in the event of the loss of the sea one of the conditions given or the demise of the capacity in which they conferred the right to carry. Third: - The Minister may withdraw the identity of the Sea at the request of the Navy competent under the guidance of an investigative committee. Article 6 Do not use the identity of the seas for the purposes of normal travel. Article 7 of the holder's identity seas work on the ship and leave the Republic of Iraq for the purpose of joining his ship and get back to him when he left while outside the Republic of Iraq to the ship, nor the Ministry of Transport bearing any legal consequences because of it. Article 8 First: - Iraqi consul abroad to extend the extension into force of the identity of the Sea for a period not exceeding [3] three months if the duration identity validity carried out while the seas outside the Republic of Iraq after the confirmation of the competent authority that the applicant's status, which enables him the right to carry holder. Second: - if it has the identity seas or damaged For seas provide proof of loss or damage to version employee or Iraqi Consul if signed outside the Republic of Iraq and are provided with a new identity Release of the employee or the Iraqi consul after confirmation from the competent authority that the applicant holds a capacity in which conferred the right to carry. Article 9 first met graphic identity seas as follows: - A: - the issuance of identity seas [75000] Seventy-five thousand dinars. by: - the issuance of identity sailor corrupted instead of [150000] hundred and fifty thousand dinars. c: - the issuance of identity sailor instead lost [500000] five hundred thousand dinars. Second: - bears the seas recording identity sailor internationally costs. Article 10 of the Minister may issue instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law. Article 11 repealed identity seas Law No. [90] for the year 1986 and the remaining instructions issued pursuant thereto window that does not conflict with the provisions of this law until the issue is replaced or repealed. Article 12 This law shall be from the date of publication in the Official Gazette of the reasons for the purpose of organizing the issuance of identity seas and the inclusion of all Iraqis, the Iraqi sailors working on ships or other vessels within the Republic of Iraq and outside the identity of the seas and regulating the issuance of identity seas in accordance with standards Atah.anthy

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