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Return to the atmosphere of dialogue between the center and the region after the aggravation of the differences

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Return to the atmosphere of dialogue between the center and the region after the aggravation of the differences

Tuesday 10.11.2015 0:31

Baghdad news / Haider Alamchana
political class dominating the political scene for Atakhlua of selfishness and live on the crises the other, crisis is deepening between the Governments of center and the region remained stuck since for quite some time without moving one step in the right direction towards the adoption of the Pacific language of dialogue, but on the contrary of this, As soon as the crisis occurred even voices were raised for the exchange of accusations between the two sides of some politicians Almacaniven crises in order to pass their messages through this crisis, and to influence public opinion, he speaks on behalf of his doctrine, and that focuses the same crown on nationality until the case came to the widening gap between the two sides, The victim in this is the ordinary citizen who has to squint is no power but to accept the fait accompli. Today, and after realizing politicians fact the danger in the country came calls for the adoption of the principle of dialogue to resolve the outstanding problems between the center and the region, especially since the basis of physical differences. Where the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, an open letter to the Kurdish leaders and the people of Kurdistan, which he called to sit at the table and keep the crisis from the media spotlight dialogue, calling on the Government of the region in more dialogues with the federal government to resolve the outstanding problems. Jubouri said in his letter that "the battle is witnessing today an unfortunate case of difference which weakens the political leadership's ability to rise to institutions and progress, and added the speaker of parliament that" the party leaders and the political elite called upon today to override all other considerations formalism to what is the greatest of them which is considered public interest and unity Territory and Iraq and the preservation of democracy and security gains. For its part, the Kurdistan Alliance MP Ashwaq dry the federal government and the provincial government called on to start a dialogue in order to cut the road to some politicians who do not want things to go between two governments properly, he said dry in the statement summarized by the "Baghdad news "We are in the province with resolving the crisis through dialogue and emphasize the need to solve all the problems in accordance with the constitutional standards set out and stress the importance that there be a timetable for the dialogue without leaving open as happened earlier, and noted dry out that a number of politicians earned a livelihood crises, Here we have to interrupt the way for them by sitting at the same table and put points on the characters in and out by accordance with the constitutional and legal frameworks. member of the National Alliance MP Habib Terminal said in a statement singled out the "Baghdad news" to the existence of data confirms convinced both sides that things and problems can not be solved only through dialogue, and it seems that everyone understands the message the correct form, which is that Iraq all walks of life are suffering the same thing, the enemy is one and the participants also one, and therefore it was imperative for the parties to realize that dialogue is the language of development and urbanization through which can reach the nucleus of the participants to be a point starting solutions, Terminal stressed that the coming days will witness positive movement towards finding solutions to the most taking place between the federal government and the provincial government solutions to problems, noting that talk of peace is different from speech in the war, and today Maimer by Iraq of security conditions makes it imperative for everyone to cooperate for Iraq and its people Service .

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