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Chalabi before his death reveals the corruption of the CBI files

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Chalabi before his death reveals the corruption of the CBI files


Amman - revealed the official Iraqi late Ahmad Chalabi before his death corrupted files several related to the Central Bank in the case of smuggling billions of dollars out of Iraq, through a fake financial companies and bankers freshman exhausted these billions from the state treasury, as reported by the network "Roudao" Kurdish.

She pointed out that these smuggling operations, which seems to be the CBI implicated them, led to the emptiness of the treasury, and the disruption of many economic and service projects. She drew the Kurdish network that Chalabi since assuming the presidency of the Finance Committee in the current parliament, "setting his sights reveal the details of these files serious, especially foreign currency smuggling file. "As reported, the official Parliamentary late already succeeded in cooperation with other members of the Committee and state officials to collect hundreds of documents which prepared the report, submitted by the Commission and others, including the presidency of the Council of Representatives and the prime minister. Chalabi said in one of the meetings, said that "the economic situation is exacerbated and complicated, and there are serious consequences if you fix things have not been quickly and seriously within weeks to take bold decisions, changing people from their positions and tackling corruption, and to take action against the waste of public money." He held Chalabi then responsibility the repercussions of the collapse of the financial structure of the country's previous government and the central bank, and he described as "gangs" that control the market price, and said that "the cause of the economic collapse is the sentence from 2006 to 2014, where Iraq entered the amount of $ 551 billion, and the government has imported a total of 115 billion dollars, and sold the Central Bank of the eligibility of banks the amount of $ 312 billion. He added that "This is the amount you missed ($ 312 billion), he could build a cash reserve." It is noteworthy that Chalabi, a member of the House of Representatives and Chairman of the Finance Committee, died last Tuesday. It is worth mentioning that Chalabi, a prominent opponent of Saddam Hussein's regime, described by the American press controversial personality, and Barab invasion of Iraq in 2003, while the view that a creature of the United States, said writer Gaedion Rose in The New York Times that the figure Chalabi was of greater benefit to the United States, including to Iraq. It was Chalabi who was born in Baghdad in 1945, he wanted in the Saddam era, as it was required to eliminate the Jordanian charges related to its management of the Bank of Petra. He died at his home in the Kadhimiya district, north of Baghdad, at the age of seventy years, "after a heart attack."

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