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Political blocs held their hopes on a new initiative to Barzani to end the crisis

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Political blocs held their hopes on a new initiative to Barzani to end the crisis

Political blocs held their hopes on a new initiative to Barzani to end the crisis
18/05/2011 14:16

Baghdad, May 18 (Rn) - waiting for the political blocs to a new initiative by the President of Iraq's Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani or activating the first initiative at the very least to bring the country's political crisis after the widening gap between the Parties on the pending files.

It is hoped that Barzani's visit to Baghdad in the coming period to meet with political leaders, in order to bring the views of each other to resolve the files related to candidates the security ministries and the Council's strategic policies, and others, with the imminent withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country end of this year.

It seems that the political crisis in Iraq is moving towards more complex, in the light of the threat the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, to withdraw from the government to protest Maliki's insistence on them to provide specific names to fill the vacant security portfolios.

And stresses the MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Ohawk dry, that "the visit Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani to Baghdad will be before the end of the 100-day deadline given by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's cabinet members, according to preliminary indications for the visit."

According to the Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that "Barzani's visit include the complement of the first initiative that was agreed upon in Arbil, or activated, especially after making al-Maliki names of the candidates security directly to the House of Representatives without reference to the political blocs, which was considered by the Iraqi List, a breach of the Convention of Arbil, which Baerakip pay the invitation of Prime Territory intervention and activating the first initiative. "

It adds that "the initiative focused on Irbil by the Prime Minister to submit candidates to the political blocs for a chance of their acceptance before going to the Dome of the names to parliament for a vote."

According to "The National Council for Higher strategic policies were supposed to according to the agreement that is directly after the formation of the government, said objections by some of the blocks on the powers of the Board have prevented it."

The dry that "the initiative Barzani complementary to the first initiative, or even could be called the second part, at which point the Iraqi reality to the existence of files pending unresolved within the Initiative Irbil need to meet the leaders of blocs," pointing out that "the file of candidates security is one of the most important clauses of the agreement Irbil is still stuck and a point of contention between state law and the Iraqi and even within the lists themselves. "

And stresses the MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs that "The visit of President of the Region to Baghdad will focus on resolving the file of candidates security, at the request of the delegation of the U.S. Congress who visited the President of the Region Ten days ago," denying the existence of "pressure exerted by the delegation of the Congress on the presidency of the region to intervene to resolve the situation in Baghdad ".

She said that "Barzani's position comes from the importance of non-survival of a State Minister without security and Iraq could be prey for al Qaeda and some of the countries that want to undermine the country."

A delegation of the American Congress chaired by Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham, had appealed to the Barzani during a visit to Erbil last week, a new initiative to tackle the current problems facing the political process in Iraq and the need to take a major role in addressing any problem facing the political process.

Barzani had been put on the initiative of the political blocs after the parliamentary elections that took place in the seventh month of March of last year, to come out of the crisis the new government at the time.

After a meeting in Arbil, the political blocs agreed to form a government of national partnership on the basis of the Constitution requires the commitment and the achievement of political consensus and the formation of the Supreme Council for the strategic policies and the termination of the accountability and justice and activation of national reconciliation and to reduce the powers of the Prime Minister.

The Iraqi government has formed on the principle of national partnership, but the Supreme Council of the policies which it was hoped that headed by Allawi, did not see the light of day because of disagreements over its powers.

And show the Iraqi List, "concerned" by delays in the application of certain provisions of the political agreement signed by both parties within the framework of Irbil, and attached at the same time hopes to Barzani's visit to Baghdad to end the crisis.

He says Iraqi MP Ahmed Massari's (Rn) that "the Iraqi coalition hoped to visit the places Massoud Barzani's visit to Baghdad and held a tripartite meeting with its president, Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki."

The new list of electrodes position by accusing a coalition of state law by "procrastination" in the implementation and document the political agreement which provided for the formation of the National Council for strategic policy, and breach of the Convention to provide security to candidates, a vote by the House of Representatives for approval of the blocks on them.

And stresses that Iraq is determined to "suspend its membership in the House of Representatives and the government in the event is passed the name of Saadoun al-Dulaimi, a candidate-Maliki for the office of the Ministry of Defense," noting that "Iraq had submitted four candidates for the Ministry of Defence, did not arrive the reply from the Prime Minister to reject the candidates or their acceptance."

Al-Maliki has been nominated Saadoun al-Dulaimi told the defense portfolio, and Tawfiq al-to the interior ministry, Riad Ghraib, a bag of Homeland Security, which was rejected by Iraq and demanded the nomination of one of the names submitted to fill the defense portfolio, rather than al-Dulaimi, who is the Ministry of Culture today.

And the political blocs agreed to be the portfolio of the Ministry of Interior of the share of the National Alliance, and the defense share of the Iraqi List, except that each party's candidates refuse to the other party under the pretext of neutrality and efficiency of candidates.

And reduces the MP from the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod the importance of the need for a new initiative to resolve the political crisis in Iraq, after "apply more than 90% of the initiative of Irbil."

According to (Rn) that "the agreement Irbil do it about 90% of the items, but the political blocs need to be honest with meetings during the current phase to resolve outstanding issues, particularly with regard to file security ministers, who want to keep them out of affiliations and loyalties."

Chihod believes that "Barzani's upcoming visit to Baghdad to meet with Maliki, Allawi, and the way to resolving the situation after the arrival of the Iraqi political scene is at a crossroads", describing the current situation as "convulsive and needs to be a state of consensus on the candidates from the security ministries."

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