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diff source~ Economic Forum convenes the joint between the Kurdistan Region and Canada

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Economic Forum convenes the joint between the Kurdistan Region and Canada

Thu Feb 13 2014 5:54 p.m. | (Voice of Iraq)

Erbil: The capital, Erbil morning, the five-year 13/02/2014, acts Economic Forum joint between the Kurdistan Region and Canada, in the presence of Kamran Ahmed, Minister of Construction and Housing and Falah Mustafa, head of foreign relations in the government of the territory and Lien Aelij Ambassador of State for Foreign Affairs and the Canadian Consulate, and the work was carried Forum on Hall Martyr Saad Abdullah in the capital Arbil.
At the outset of the decrees which was attended by Canadian Ambassador to Iraq, and a number of government officials and employers, described Falah Mustafa, head of foreign relations; that the coming of the Canadian delegation at this level to the Kurdistan Region event is important and that this visit is the first of its kind, He welcomed on behalf of the Kurdistan Regional Government guest delegation. Again emphasize that the Kurdistan Regional Government consider into consideration and attention to its relations with Canada, saying they have taken the right decision to invest in the Kurdistan region and take advantage of the opportunities available in the region, also noted that building a democratic Iraq, a federal must be in the proper way, through openness to the world.
also noted at the same time that Canada ties strong friendship with the Kurdistan Region and can participate in many of the areas of investment, pointing out that the Government of the Territory is working on the implementation of all the promises and commitments made ​​with the citizens of Codstan, as well as the stability of the security situation in the region and that of would provide opportunities for commercial and investment activities.
described Falah Mustafa private sector Bdinmo and economic engine for the progress of the region, and pointed out that the international community he can take advantage of these opportunities and help the region, also confirmed that the Kurdistan Regional Government has taken serious steps in the development of the region, especially since the region is rich in many areas, especially with regard to oil and gas wealth, as it seeks government territory through the interest in this sector, the development of agriculture, industry and tourism, and regards it as the main pillars of the development and progress of the region, while ensuring the security and stability of the Kurdistan Region.
also confirmed Mustafa that the doors of the Kurdistan Region are always open the world at large, and proved it by the presence of 31 foreign lesbian in the Kurdistan region, including the five permanent members of the Security Council and many Arab countries, as well as the presence of 14 of the Government of the Territory representation abroad. He expressed his hope on the progress of the region's relations with the countries of the world. He also called at the same time, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and the Canadian Consulate and Iraq's ambassador to Canada, the Canadian ambassador to Iraq to work in the field definition of the Kurdistan Region.
then threw Kamran Ahmed, Minister of Construction and Housing in the government of the territory speech, in which he stressed that the convening of this forum the opportunity to task for the exchange of opinions and views and provide the region and building strong relations between the two parties. He reiterated that the Kurdistan Region wants the participation of Canadian companies in the construction process and progress in the Kurdistan region, noting that the region during the last 10 years the implementation of many projects in the housing sector, roads, bridges, electricity, health, education, education. He explained that the Kurdistan Regional Government based its policy on the participation and encourage the private sector in the reconstruction projects in the region.
also pointed out that part of the strategy of economic development is to promote the vital projects through private sector participation, and in this context, the Government of the Kurdistan Region in 2006 Act investment, and I founded the investment, and the Government was currently seeking to revise the law in order to make adjustments to it, especially with regard to the paragraphs relating to projects of housing in order to ensure that the needs of the region in this area. was followed by cast and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, the Canadian word, expressed through which pleased to attend in the region, and expressed the hope to take other steps for the progress of relations between the two sides, especially after the opening of the representation of her country in Iraq, and is currently seeking to opening Mmthleetha business in the Kurdistan region, which would be a factor in the progress of these relations, especially since Canada has, for the first time in 25 years in the opening Mmthleetha in the region. noted during her talk that Canada as a federal state in her honor in the presence of the Kurdistan Region, and especially since the doors of this region is open to business, especially since the region is growing rapidly and economically advanced. It also revealed that the volume of trade exchange between Iraq and Canada witnessed increased by 60%. On the sidelines of the forum, announced Falah Mustafa, head of foreign relations in the government of the region at a news conference: We are happy arrival of the Canadian delegation to the guest to the Kurdistan Region, and the opportunity for the visiting delegation to see directly progress and prosperity witnessed by the Kurdistan Region and see commercial traffic in the region, and we are ready to provide all the facilities in this area.

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