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Experts are looking for a more active role for the private sector

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They emphasized the need for a strong push to activate
Baghdad - Shkran Fatlawi
Collect experts and researchers in the economic sphere, the need to give the Iraqi private sector its rightful role in the construction of development, stressing that the advancement of the economy is linked to the performance of his arguing that this advancement depends on is the other Pfsh the way for foreign investment as well.
came During the seminar, the expanded set up by the "Institute for the progress of policy development" was emphasized on the need for the issuance of supporting legislation to reform the private sector. reality of the economic sector occur president of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen willing Blibl about the reality of the Iraqi private sector presenting an overview of its history and its development stages and periods passed since the emergence of the Iraqi state modern. between Blibl that the private sector has been waiting for more active participation after 2003 jubilantly declared good initially, where he was interacting well between the employers of this sector and the government agencies concerned but then things took a different direction than what we were hoping Vabat all attempts to reform the private sector fail the lack of the will seek to prevent the advancement of this sector do and this is clear from the lack of reform of the old laws. Blibl He explained that the private sector and in spite of all the obstacles facing it still exists, though its contribution is not at the required level .. He called for the need to create an environment of legal and legislative contribute to creating a suitable environment for the development of this sector and encourage investment. reality of the Iraqi market to that between an economist appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the issue is not easy and is the processor and Reform collides with a lot of obstacles complex and the solution comes from the reform of the reality of the Iraqi market, which has become market rents associated with rentier state .. That is why the reform requires editing and diversify the market and this can not be achieved without the presence of democratic economic and political democracy. strong push Saleh added that the country complain of the absence of economic policies of the university and the lack of developed industry keep pace with the global development of this Programme reform requires the presence of what is known as batch strong to strengthen the private sector This potentiation require the government to provide the infrastructure and the preparation of a clear program of reform to save the market from Rieitha and channeled in the right direction to become then the growth of the private sector growing self. erosion of capital and talked economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine explaining that the private sector after the year 1991, and the economic blockade added a lot of output GDP. Ä. But after 2003, we hope that we move to a market economy and promote national industry, which eroded their capital. industrial zones Off added Antoine that the state began to expand the base of public sector workers and lift the injustice about them, but in spite of that, the work force Iraq now estimated b (9) million people, half of whom work in the private sector .. He pointed out that the growth rate amounting to 9 percent is the ratio is not real, but it can be a real high and if the state turned to the private sector, there are some (25) industrial area in Baghdad, but only Off .. As well as the economy is not random nor is it a socialist-type market economy .. Indicating that the economy is still kind of rent-seeking Dependence on Oil up to 94 percent .. He called for the activation of a number of important laws, including the Law Aljmarjah tariff to protect the national product .. As well as the fight against bureaucracy abhorrent. private sector commercial economic expert, Dr. Majid picture in his eating a lot of data and indicators that are related by the private sector and government policies towards this sector. Denying the existence of such thing as a free market economy in any country in the world but there is a market economy. drew the picture that what is happening in Iraq today is to encourage the private sector commercial and ignored and the marginalization of the industrial sector, even if the trend towards the industrial side, we dealt with electricity five years ago .. Indicating that the circumstances through which Iraq does not allow for private sector growth and development because of disabling a lot of laws, including tariff law .. Warning of the existence of a political will to encourage the business side without industrial. investment current executive director of the Association of Iraqi banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, he asked in his speech what kind of private sector who want to get to him. Indicating that the Iraqi private sector has always been initiated because the have a role in the economy and space in the sixties of the last century, this sector produced and exported three times as factories produced by the government and we all remember Fattah Pasha blankets and T-shirts Alpha .. Between Hassoun and that the current investment is an investment miserable and not up to the level of ambition .. Indicating that the state paid monthly to the state-owned companies losing more than 6 trillion dinars salaries to its employees unproductive .. Speaking concluding that the challenges facing the private sector and large State is unable to address these challenges and support the private sector .. As well as the banks are not functions of the tasks of the day.

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