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Specialists: the new labor law paradigm shift in society and the economy (PFP)

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Minimum of it parallels the tenth grade to him salaries of government employees
Baghdad - the joy of pumice - Mustafa al-Hashemi
was considered specialists said the draft labor law will happen a quantum leap in Iraqi society, as it will bring advanced economically significant because it is in line with the market economy.
comes at a time revealed the Action Committee and Social Affairs parliamentary completion of Version stomach to vote for the bill, to be submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament for the purpose of listing on the agenda of the meetings in order to vote on it.
Committee Vice Chairman Saleh al-Asadi said in a statement singled out by the (morning): "The committee submitted the final draft of the bill to the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary thereafter submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives after the completion of the legislative recess current. " many amendments added Asadi said the committee has worked a lot with the ILO and the labor unions and the Federation of Iraqi Industries and representatives of the government to break the law meets the aspirations of workers in the country, stressing He has added a lot to the light of the proposals made ​​by stakeholders and the amendment him a lot, where he became a law up to 200 items for beneficiation, to be a balance between workers and employers and to ensure the rights and interests of the Iraqi working class. And that was the formation of a tripartite committee composed of representatives of the government and the Federation of Industries represents employers and unions and trade unions representatives of the workers, to determine the wages of the workers, as it will meet annually to modify these wages, taking into account the level of inflation, ie, if the increased annual rate of more than 5 percent, will be adjusted wages (workers), as well as the formation of a committee to end services that define the rights of the worker in the event of termination of his services. working relationships and explained that the law covers all labor relations in all sectors, private and mixed public, except for government employees, especially identical to that of international standards and serve the interests of the working class, as it guarantees the rights of working women in relation to maternity leave and nursery children, as well as the minimum of the worker's salary equivalent to tenth grade for state employees. interests of the workers felt that this law achieves economic development, because it is in line with the market economy and the interests of the working class and pay in the private sector and employers for more tender and incomes for the economy and investment, it also achieves stability social, and because the working class is an important factor in building the country and its stability will also be his full rights parallel to state employees, achieving social stability. controlled implementation called al-Asadi, the need to enforce the law after approval, because the monitoring real is the Ministry of Labour and the unions involved, so it has to be that is doing its part in raising the awareness factor to this law, in addition to educating employers the rights of the worker and give him his full, especially that there are penalty clauses and sanctions have on the employer in the event of breach of the rights of the worker. considered that this law is linked to the law of retirement and to ensure that workers, what constitutes a guarantee full factor, noting that the three laws (labor and trade union organization and retirement and ensure workers) will revolutionize the quality of the Iraqi society and then in the national economy. law aims to regulate the relationship between the worker and the employer in the private sector and mixed year, in terms of working hours, wages, and health insurance, and professional rights compared to state employees. guarantees a better turn, said Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Nassar al-Rubaie told a news briefing, "that" the new law is the body of law developed in the region, as it offers better guarantees for the workers of the previous laws. " labor agreements either member Action Committee parliamentary Kadhim al-Shammari said that the project of the new labor law is a direct outgrowth of the signing of Iraq on 66 international labor conventions of the total 68. said Shammari in a press statement that this law is necessary to correct the situation of workers in Iraq, according to international labor laws, noting that the law in force Old and goes back to the seventies of the last century.

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