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Parliament in a hurry to send the government budget bill for the year 2014 (post for oogie & bubbies)

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Claims to cut holiday legislature in the event of the arrival of law
Baghdad Muhannad Abdul Wahab
called on Congress government to send the budget to the House of Representatives as soon as possible so that the last of the approval, demanding the President of the Council to cut recess legislature in the event of arrival.
National Alliance MP Ibrahim stirrup explained that House of Representatives raise its until after the holiday passed by the constitution after اختصرها for one month instead of two months.
said stirrup in a statement »Sabah»: The «recess endorsed by the Constitution two months have been reduced to become one month in line with the development of the country, which needs the House of Representatives approved a lot of important laws.
stressed that the council is ready to attend an emergency meeting if it reached the budget in 2014 of the government, to read the first reading and the end of the holiday legislature be read the second reading in the hope of voting on them, pointing out that the political arena is now bound to the formation of alliances, especially after it entered the political blocs small, which allowed her electoral system Saint Lego that have a direct impact in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
and MP on the need to form a political blocs together and despite the different Aadlogiadtha, pointing out that the political process is witnessing a qualitative shift in its history and is moving toward adopting ideas New by scientific talent that entered the political blocs small and that will change and starting to a new height.
part, called block Badr parliamentary government to send the budget to the House of Representatives as soon as possible, while invited the Council to cut recess legislative if it arrives. said MP bloc cream Silverline in a press statement that «the delay budget would hurt the interests of the Iraqi people», calling on the Council of Ministers that «accelerates to send the budget to enable the House of Representatives voted on before it is too late», as he put it.
also called Silverline House of Representatives to «ready to cut his vacation legislative and resume its meeting if the arrival of the general budget », demanding political blocs b» away from factional interests and partisan and direction to approve the budget ».
was the Liberal bloc representative of the Sadrist movement called last Saturday, the political blocs to expel the general budget for «political bargaining and campaigning», pointing out that some of the forces working on the investment budget for the favor.
accused the leader of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue Haider Mulla cabinet b »block» the process of promoting economic and service through the delay send the budget in 2014 to the House of Representatives.
mentions that the decision of Parliament Mohammed al-Khalidi had called on the government to send the budget to the House of Representatives before the 15th of this month for a vote, saying that «hold any session of parliament after this date will be voided because the House of Representatives will enter Batlth legislative».
, in turn, called the MP for the coalition in Iraq Raad Dahlaki government to send the budget as soon as possible to enable the House of Representatives read and approved before approaching the last legislative elections.
stressed in a statement »morning», he on the political blocs to cut her holiday and return to the House of Representatives in the event of government sent the budget to the Board.
and MP government to send the budget to the council to allow him to work on studied and evaluated and then voted on as soon as possible, urging all heads of political blocs to put pressure on the government to complete the budget and stay away from Tzeysha to promote the reality service and humanitarian situation in the country.
noted Dahlaki importance that it accomplishes the budget as soon as possible and before the election in order to interfere in space political bargaining and that would impede the approval, stressing the need to overcome the political blocs interest of the country on personal interests and partisan.
Meanwhile, the President of the Liberal bloc parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji, that after the parliament started vacationing legislature, it means he has not left the life of the Parliamentary default unless sessions a few starts on 12.15.2013, believing that these sessions will be devoted to the adoption of laws only two and two (Budget Law for the year 2014) and (law ​​Unified Retirement), in addition to some of the laws that read readings and waits vote.
between Araji In a press statement received «morning» copy of it, he must move away from the niceties and political pressures that are in the map of electoral propaganda, in addition to that the budget should include some of the texts, which obliges ministries and some of the bodies is related to the Ministry duty disbursement of all funds allocated to projects indexed against which .
also stressed the need to abolish all social benefits and expenses perfectionism for the three presidencies so as not to exploit the propaganda campaign, and not to allocate the full amount of all ministries and agencies is related to the Ministry if reluctant in their projects for the year 2013.
pointed to the importance of that is to allocate sufficient funds for projects strategy, and is referred to explicitly (such as sewage) so as to avoid the risk of flooding in the future, and also (electricity, education and health).
continued: The Law of the public pension unified, we keep the paragraphs that belong to ministers and their agents and their respective directors two years of it, as well as members of parliament and special grades, demanding to compensate pensioners for one year retroactively until at least avoid the loss caused to them due to delay of the enactment of this law.

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