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Today .. Parliamentary blocs to the test to resolve the election law and the Commission is entering a critical phase 9post for bubbies & oogie)

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Approval will save the country from the risk of entering into a constitutional vacuum and a new political crisis
Baghdad. Alaa al-Tai after its success in passing the 6 paragraphs of the proposed law to amend the law on parliamentary elections, due to resume parliamentary blocs today its open to complete the vote on the rest of the paragraphs which saw a split in views centered on the reference rate representation of the population of the provinces and the adoption of the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce or planning. With He expressed his deputies fear that the delay approval of the law and failure to reach a consensus on it may enter the country heart of a new political and constitutional vacuum, crossed the UNHCR expressed concern and entered a critical stage unless the vote on the law. stand at the seventh MP for the coalition of state law, Kamal-Saadi said "morning" , said the parliamentary blocs succeeded in voting on 6 paragraphs of the election law was postponed voting on the rest of the paragraphs to Saturday to give the masses a chance to agree when the paragraph that stopped a "reference rate representation of population in the provinces," noting that the coalition believes that the adoption of the ration card will be more accurate, while demanding the Kurds and staying blocs that are the statistics of the Ministry of Planning is approved. described Saadi decision above that تحالفي and strategic, refusing waving and accusations which carried the state law, responsibility for the failure to reach an agreement and resolve the vote on the law at a meeting last Thursday, explaining that the vision of the National Alliance about it related entitlements provinces that can not alienate them. planning or trade? For his part, Head of the Legal Committee Khaled Huani that the National Alliance confirmed non-acceptance of the adoption of data from the Ministry of Planning and wants to adopt data from the Ministry of Commerce, at the time rejected the parties in the same block principle to increase seats being contrary to the will of the masses, which seeks to Limbering. continued a member of the Kurdistan Alliance's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," said the council began studying the figures and population growth rates on the same day in which he made ​​the proposal to determine the number of seats, indicating that the adoption of the ration card in determining the increase in seats would make of the seats in the next parliament 368 while the data from the Ministry of Planning determines seats to 351, believing that recent data more accurate legally have been adopted in the provincial elections, where identified data from pre-planning in accordance with the amended law in addition to the Federal Court decision which underlines the lack of accreditation data ration because it is inaccurate. increase seats everyone , adding that "someone does not is content may increase the proportion of seats Kurds, he must know that such an increase accompanied by an increase proportional to the seats other provinces depending on the statistical and the Ministry of Planning," and expressed surprised demand from the National Alliance, the adoption of percentage increase in population according to the ration card to determine the seats in parliament. defended Huani the Kurds against the accusations made ​​against them in advance disable pass the election law, stressing that these accusations no longer in the morning session of Parliament, which was held last Thursday, after the arrival of the statistics of the Ministry of Planning, which showed population growth and the legitimacy of the provinces in increase the number of their seats, indicating that the Kurds are eager to hold elections as scheduled and that the prescribed law within the time limit and they did not ask for more than Merit constitutional, legal and natural proportion of the province. and denounced attempts to drag the Kurds into conflict with other blocs and show them the more they're hampered pass the law and seeks to achieve its interests. time and difficulty Back The President of the Legal Committee need to complete the vote on the law fully, because Back to the old law became not possible in terms of legal and constitutional because it Under the rules of procedure of Parliament, any proposed legal when offers must vote in the Council, and if he refuses proposal in terms of the rules of procedure can not be for the proposal to be put through the legislative term, as to make another proposal needs to read the first and second and therefore, the existing problems in this proposal will go again, so it's practical, legal, regulatory work-related under the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, can not refer to the the old law and modify it. said Huani that "representatives of the Electoral Commission for elections had confirmed the speaker of parliament, and during a meeting with leaders of parliamentary blocs that as of the first of this November will enter the UNHCR in critical possibly threatening the electoral process and carried out on schedule, especially that after days will determine the Commission the ratification of the entities and the names of candidates which requires harmonization and adoption of the new law today if we are keen to hold elections as scheduled without defects. " critical legal Huani renewed desire alliance in achieving consensus to approve the law and based on the proposals to the justification for a realistic and logical, and meet the masses with its obligations, and that the to let the country in front of a critical legal because if no agreement is reached today will be the country in front of a scenario seriously, a postponement of the elections and the violation of the Constitution and its repercussions that go into the political process in a constitutional vacuum large and end the powers of parliament and the formation of a caretaker government. was likely to postpone adoption of the law on Saturday to the next two days until the completion of compatibility, expressing optimism that the compatibility will come as a result pressure organizations and the masses and masses that you want to hold the elections on schedule, and expected to go some of the blocks within the National Alliance and the Iraqi toward majority voting according to its own law. threat of legal turn, said Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Bahaa al-Araji, The developments and the complications that have occurred in the proposed law which relates to the distribution of seats on the rest of the provinces led to disrupt the vote. said Araji's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that the country has entered into the stage of the threat of legal amid attempts by some parties to postpone the elections, which can be any party or block lifting any paragraph or material اتلبي ambition to the Federal Court, pointing out that the right of any party sees it as disadvantaged. stressed the President of the Sadrist bloc parliamentary should be elections for the alliances are not parties, stressing that the bloc does not want to postpone the elections, and otherwise will go to vote on law with either Iraq or the Kurdistan Alliance, provided that does not prejudice the position of the national and does not harm the Iraqi provinces. between Araji said meetings and the threat of legal will be a pressure on the parliamentary blocs to achieve compatibility, expressing optimism passes the law because of the will of the wide range of parliamentary blocs to pass the law and they will be There are elections and hinted some issuing a presidential decree to reassure the masses to hold elections where the decree would not work unless it passes a law and jurisprudence are holding elections according to the text of the constitutional and legal. postponement of the question of Japinh, confirmed the decision of parliament and member of the Iraqi Mohammed al-Khalidi, that the meetings will continue For while achieving compatibility, noting that blocks the day before a big challenge. said Khalidi that statistical received from the Ministry of Planning, which brings the number of members of parliament for the next cycle to 351 seats, an average of 26 seats added to the provinces, which had not been him agree. said: that the law is subject to interactions blocks because all the components is seeking to increase the number of seats, which led to a collision on some paragraphs of the law, noting that the consensus must be key to the solution can not be passed to boycott any of the blocks or marginalized, otherwise it is the right of any block or component appealed to the Federal Court for being a proposal and therefore not to hold elections. said the decision of Parliament to that demand and public pressure will push blocks to find a formula to comply fully with the approval of the law, explaining that the prospects for the postponement is included because it is contrary to the Constitution of Iraq in the absence of the vote on the law, we will enter in the political crises Other and its consequences will be serious.

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