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Welcome parliamentary proposal to ration distribution by the smart card (PFP)

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Following the call for government to adopt the technology
of Baghdad Muhannad Abdul Wahab
praised lawmakers a proposal to issue smart card, to ensure the rights of citizens of the ration monthly, but they stipulated provides full infrastructure necessary for the success of the project by the local governments in the provinces, particularly the availability of warehousing and transport and the creation of the rest of the conditions for not to block the project, stressing that the proposal is still in the process of discussions.
was Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, on the Keywords, said during his speech at the opening of a workshop of the Supreme Committee for the public distribution system in collaboration with the World Food Programme, said the government intends to adopt the smart card system instead of Distribution adopted in the ration card, indicating that the Council of Ministers discussed the reform process of the ration card system has been proposed to be the key to the abuse of the process of reform through the activation of the smart card system.
MP for the rule of law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, believes that the ration card is still suffering from differences the House of Representatives, despite increasing calls, which confirmed its exit from the mainframe, and transferred to decentralization in the distribution, but the differences are still tainted by «.
said in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,« that the transfer of ration card to local governments still Mortgage willingness of these governments, as it continues to suffer from a lack of preparations and logistical support, transport and infrastructure and provides stores necessary, and this led to the non-completion of work in this project ».
between MP, that «the state spent a lot of money on the ration card, However, the Ministry of Commerce stalled in completing the ration card items «, adding« to the difficulty of turning the ration card current, to a smart card, because of the need for this issue to the floor necessary, from the statistics and census, enable the State to take the necessary measures to transfer the work to the smart card « , saying «there are many obstacles stand in the work to issue smart card quota ration«.
For his part, the National Alliance MP Haitham al-Jubouri «that the work on the ration card for the year 2014, specifically in the first of the month of July, because the floors occasion did not yet completed the transition to work to the smart card «.
said in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network to» that the smart card system must be equipped with a ground for action, this would be a matter for each local government to provide stores enough to accommodate large quantities of ration the card «. Indicating «that every citizen will be placed named number or a specific account can take over its share of the ration, this system would eliminate many of the obstacles faced by citizens in receipt of vocabulary share ration», pointing out «that the state and put in mind the preparation of this work on the grounds that it is evolving business that can contribute to the eradication of corruption and eliminate many episodes routine complex citizen «.
demanded Jubouri, the Ministry of Commerce to prepare the optimal transfer of work to the smart card, the processing of the names of the citizens and by the ration card current, and communicate with the Ministry of Planning for the success of this case «. For his part, expressed his National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati «hope that the work is done by issuing this card to move Iraq to the ranks of developed countries, according to the latest technical and technological means«. And demanded in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network« that turns work ration cards to local governments «. Indicating that« Everyone is trying to be achieved this step effective in the lives of Iraqi citizens, especially it's moving quality important in automating the daily reality of the citizen and the government, and on This must be a foundation for the important role of technology in the lives of Iraqi citizens'.

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