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Role of Iraq magnified Regional: crossing between the properties and the republics of the Gulf and Iran (PFP)

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Maliki's visit to the White House represents the right moment for Iraq to penetrate the crowded agenda in the region.
BAGHDAD / obelisk: regional events trends indicate the growing role of Iraq on the scene, and proximity to regain its natural place as an important regional player in determining the course of events and trends.

And indicators, the talks UN envoy and the Arab League, Lakhdar Brahimi, with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on ways to resolve the Syrian crisis, where the Patriarchs that the Geneva conference is expected should include "all of his interest and influence in Syrian affairs," adding that Iraq countries that have a number in the regional equation.

In this regard, the National Alliance MP Jawad Albzona that "visiting representative of the United Nations and the Arab League to Iraq Lakhdar Brahimi is positive and confirms the importance of Iraq in the region and the world for the United Nations."

The other index, the visit by Icon-Maliki to Washington, where he will be the Syrian crisis and coordination on counter-terrorism, and activate the strategic agreement between the two countries in 2008, the most important topics to be discussed with U.S. President Barack Obama.

According to an article in the magazine "Foreign Police" written this month, the editor of Channel Middle East of the magazine, professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University Professor Marc Lynch said that "Maliki's visit to the White House on the first of November next represent the right moment for Iraq to penetrate the agenda busy for the region. "

The third indicator on the growing role of Iraq, the call made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the Iraqi prime minister to visit Ankara, and discuss controversial issues

Including the Syrian crisis with rising voices calling to be resolved through dialogue, and with the growing risk of terrorism in Turkey as Iraq, Turkey fears of sectarian calls threatening the social fabric.

Observers believe that the growing role of the Iraqi regional and improve relations with neighboring countries will contribute much to refute the terrorism that has grown in Iraq since last year.

In this regard, writer refers Abdullah Al-Ayoubi, that "the stability of Iraq and return to normal as well as defeat the terrorist forces that are spread on its territory, is no longer subject to the will of the Iraqi (for the foreseeable future), but it depends on the developments of the regional situation surrounding Iraq."

Ayoubi believe that the "regional developments in the past years did not which are in the interest of Iraq, but on the contrary it has impacted negatively on the situation in Iraq, which is one of the substantive reasons that helped the rise of terrorism in Iraq."

For the Deputy for the National Alliance for Laila al-Khafaji, van reversing the equation, it is also true,

So that "internal political stability in Iraq, will serve as a way to restore the country to its regional strategic position, both politically and economically."

The writer believes Abdul-Karim Hadad said "it is necessary, immunization Iraq as a country on a map and restore its role as an effective force."

Hadad continues, "as a reaction to regional attraction, which wants the Nile from Iraq is to build human and Iraqi state institutions, away from the culture of violence."

And goes on a "state sponsor citizenship fortify Iraq from the regional impact of the storms."

To say that Iraq's influential role in their respective fields vital regional, confirmed by the magazine "Foreign Policy" of America in a report published this month, stating that "Iraq can be the key to solve the worst conflicts in the Middle East, but he can not so unless succeeded in arranging their affairs Interior and achieved national reconciliation. "

But the magazine is Iraq, "the only party in the region, which can play a key role in bringing to resolve the region's conflicts worse."

The main reason for this, according to the magazine, that Iraq is located in the center of the balance of power fragile Gulf region by participating long border with Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia, as it is crossing the dividing lines of the three most obvious and that divide the Middle East Current: the year against Shiites, monarchies against aspiring for democratic republics, and the Gulf Cooperation Council against Iran.

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