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Iraq signed an investment contract with a Swiss company to set up Missan oil refinery at a cost of six billion dollars (PFP)

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Announced by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said Thursday the signing of investment contract with a Swiss company to set up refinery in Missan oil at a total cost of six billion dollars, as he emphasized that the production capacity of the refinery will amount to 150 thousand barrels per day, indicated the Swiss company that this project would be a "flagship" work for other projects in Iraq in various fields.

He said Nuri al-Maliki said in a statement issued on the sidelines of attending the signing ceremony for the establishment and operation of the refinery Maysan by the Ministry of Oil and Company Satarm Swiss and received, (long-Presse) a copy of it, that the government has signed, today, investment contracts for the investment project is important with the participation of the private sector, which will contribute to bridging the the country's need of oil derivatives, "noting that" the project aims to set up and run the refinery in Missan, by the Ministry of Oil and Swiss Satarm company, at a total cost of six billion dollars, and a production capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day. "

Maliki said that "This vital project will bring to Iraq and the group of companies that will work on its construction a great investment opportunity, to participate in projects across all sectors," stressing that "there are other agreements have been signed to work in multiple areas, particularly the field of electricity, where it was agreed to a project to produce (6) thousand megawatts. "

He said al-Maliki that the government "is working very hard to reach an advanced stage of economic growth, and provide a decent livelihood for all citizens, especially the poor, in addition to providing employment opportunities for searchers," calling on all companies and investors to "take advantage of the job opportunities available in Iraq, and to contribute to in the process of construction and reconstruction and investment in the fields of oil, electricity, housing, roads, industry and commerce and others. "

For his part, President Swiss Satarm company through the statement that "this project will be the first of the work of the other projects will cover various fields."

The Maysan Oil Company, announced, the eighth of October 2013, "directly PetroChina China's second phase of the field development Halfaya to produce 100 thousand barrels per day of crude oil," and indicated that it "will create a complex crude oil processing second major," While She noted that it "will drill 50 new wells," confirmed that it will "expand the gas receiving station to accommodate 100 million cubic feet."

The Company announced that the Chinese oil major Petrogina, in (6 August 2013), all conducted the second phase of the development field حلفاية oil, southern Iraq, in a bid to promote energy resources and fill shortages caused by the falling rates of Iranian exports, as pointed out they will drill through this phase which will hopefully be completed mid-year 2014, 60 new wells with sought treatment center for a hundred thousand barrels per day, to double the production capacity of the field to 200 thousand barrels.

The Chinese company PetroChina with investments in several large oil fields projects including a حلفاية field in the province of Missan, Rumaila in Basra in southern Iraq. Iraq needs investments worth $ 15-20 billion in investments to create four new refineries and the expansion of the energy sector.

Iraq relies in financial موازناته so almost entirely on oil and by up to more than 90%, where the Iraqi government announced the budget in 2013 budget amounted to 138 trillion dinars, which adopted the exports increased by 2.9 million barrels at a rate of $ 90 per barrel

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