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Baghdad International Fair demonstration to activate economic, foreign investment (PFP)

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Start of the session of the (40) day
BAGHDAD - Hussein ثغب Tamimi - Mostafa Hashemi
Camera - Nihad al-Azzawi
under the slogan "the Baghdad International Fair Forum trade and investment" starts today the opening ceremony of the fortieth session of the Baghdad International Fair which will take place on the land of the exhibition with the participation of 17 countries, along with a number large local companies, as well as Britain's participation and Croatia for the first time with wings show.
confirmed by experts and interested in economic affairs the importance of the exhibition, which was the best Altguenat world that can be used in all economic sectors. important step , assembling the Iraqi industrial Abdul Hassan Shammari said: that the exhibition represents a step important where comes the international effort to within the country and with the attributes of the best technologies available and the size of large projects, which requires implementation in the country in all sectors must pay everyone from the private sector and public presence among global companies that participated in the exhibition during its current session, which is a step important on the road to activate the investment business. He said in an interview for the (morning) to the possibility of dealing directly with these companies without the need for an intermediary, pointing to the need to take advantage of the show to find out when the participating companies specialized in the field of housing, which can build residential units fit the reality of the country, as well as to contain the population pressure. genuine partnership expert Commercial Naseer student pointed out that this carnival economic and trade large came to define the citizen role of the Iraqi trader in the overall Alhamlah economic, and work the relevant authorities matter to overcome all the obstacles they face and work to create a genuine partnership between Iraqi companies and their counterparts the world in order to stimulate commercial interior and exterior. He pointed out that the size of the contribution of Iraqi companies good and contributes in any case, to keep pace with modern developments and the use of advanced technology in this field and the possibility of benefit to the development of the reality of trade interior and foreign affairs in Iraq. communicate with companies either head of the International Federation of developmental businessmen Ali Hilfi pointed out that the importance of that contributes to show its current session in the introduction of better technologies work in the world to Iraq through communication with the companies present at the exhibition. Among the technologies developed is an important step on the road to activate the economic sectors, especially it holds specifications of high quality and that have been adopted projects worldwide. Stressing that the international companies that attended to Iraq comes the technical expertise better world, and this will lead to the training of a large number of manpower Iraq, which lacks experience in this field. stressing the need to work on the work of special questionnaires the adequacy of the laws in force for an ambitious global investment firms that attended to view services, pointing out that the legislation in force must be examined thoroughly by professionals in the public and private sector. demonstration of global economic For his part, Managing Director of the Company progress competent to organize exhibitions and business conferences Ali Bashir al-Naimi told the (morning) that the Baghdad International Fair represents demonstration commercial Aqtsadahaalmih in Iraq, adding that companies of different nationalities keen to participate in this exhibition it represents a gateway opportunities that do not compensate for her to enter the Iraqi market. said Naimi said the Baghdad International Fair will witness the presence of a large number of international companies specialized in the field of infrastructure, energy in addition to other companies for the implementation of housing projects and urban. , and stressed that this demonstration annual economic contribution to finding a ground for competition between the companies to provide the best Ntegadtha through which expects to get contracts directly to the implementation of projects strategy in Iraq. choose companies and pointed out that Iraq needs days after the last entry international companies specialized in the field of construction, energy and infrastructure in general, adding that the Baghdad International Fair, its current session represents a good opportunity for Iraq to choose the companies that hoped to carry out investment projects different. said Naimi said the measures in some countries to participate in foreign exhibitions and time-consuming while Iraq seeks to ease the routine followed in the procedures for the entry of products and mechanisms of border crossings and down to ward her on the show floor. between the managing director that the establishment of international exhibitions contribute to find common ground between private sector companies and public also contributes to the definition of each Bntegath and abilities and potentials for the purpose of competition to provide better services. assesses Iraq's annual events for the Baghdad International Fair kicks off in the first of the month of November of each year, which was the beginning of the Baghdad International Fair in 1956 when he held the exhibition of industrial and agricultural, who supervised him متصرفية the Baghdad Brigade. noted that the first session of the exhibition was launched in 1964 This was the real beginning of the Baghdad International Fair Participation was modest in terms involving five Arab countries only. continued sessions on an annual basis and took characterized by quality and quantity, and the expansion of the size of the halls and posts has increased the importance of the exhibition on the local and international level because it represents the interface of civilization and media and economic Iraq. joined the gallery Baghdad International to the International Trade Union (UFI), which is based in Paris, to gain international character during the eighth session and became a member on the basis of the decision taken at the meeting of the Union, which was held in Malta in October 1971.
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