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Salahuddin plans to plant 900 thousand acres of wheat and barley crops during the next season (PFP)

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Revealed the Department of Agriculture in Salahuddin province, on Friday, it plans to plant 900 thousand acres of wheat and barley in the agricultural season next, as called for increasing the share of farmers in the province of artesian wells, confirmed the existence of a program with the Ministry of Oil to cover all Tractors share of fuels.

Said Director of Agriculture Salahuddin province Ziad Aboud Said in an interview to (range Press), "The House of Salahuddin province continues his meetings with the Department of Agriculture to develop an integrated plan for the next cropping season, which will see the cultivation of 900 thousand acres of wheat and barley."

He Said that "the past year has seen growing about 720 thousand acres and has achieved our province ranked first after the marketing of about 622 thousand tons of wheat, barley, and this is enough for the needs of the family of flour a good time," and urged the Ministry of Agriculture "to increase share of the province of artesian wells to open the way for peasants to extract water, use Palmrachat and according to modern irrigation techniques. "

Said pointed out that "the farmer in Salah al-Din available has accepted culture in dealing with modern irrigation methods after touching the merit which pay claim for the acquisition of sprays," noting that "the number of sprays to maintain rose to Aktrmen 4186, and the unit."

Said explained that "the meeting with the Presidency of the Council of the province resulted in the adoption of the draft coverage of all agricultural tractors plan the distribution of fuel at the official rate to help farmers to easily implement their business," noting that "the peasants of Salahuddin have more than 8680 registered tug of 2250 only."

It said the first deputy governor of Salah al-Din Ismail Khudair Alhlob In an interview, (range Press), "It has been the study of a proposed development of a comprehensive strategic plan for the next five years to promote the agricultural reality about the best," stressing "the need to create all the necessary supplies of machinery and agricultural machinery Modern fertilizers and quality Albdhuraalah to make the province food basket Iraq in line with the first support and attention of the central and local governments in the agricultural sector. "

The Council of Salahuddin province announced (August 22, 2013), he sought to keep the top spot to maintain the production of wheat and barley for the current season, "among the province," is now moving "to invest manufacturers of vegetable oils and fertilizer chemical" to encourage "farmers on the cultivation of maize and cotton.

The agricultural season last year in the province of Salah al-Din, which carries 65% of its population of 1.4 million people, farming, saw marketing about (410) thousand tons of wheat from the area planted this crop Strategic, which amounted to (611) thousand acres, and occupied the province advanced rank among the provinces in this field.

And declared the Iraqi Trade Ministry, in (July 30, 2012), the high amounts of wheat received more than one million and 800 thousand tons compared to season the year 2011, stressing that the quantities received this season is the highest on company grain trade, as pointed out that there is a decline in the amount of barley marketed.

The area of ​​orchards in Salah al-Din 157 thousand acres, while an area of ​​pasture natural million and 782 thousand and 239 acres, while the area of ​​desertified land amounts to 350 thousand acres, and the area of ​​land threatened by desertification amounts to 520 thousand acres.

The estimated area of ​​arable land in the province of Salah al-Din about 64% of the total area of ​​the province, amounting to 10,782,053 acres, exploits them for agriculture virtually 1,709,472 acres, which constitutes 12.3% of the total area of ​​arable land.

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