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Western oil companies in Iraq, says: We are working on the impact of threats (post for player)

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not affect the turmoil in Iraq on the operations of international oil companies, bend increase Iraq's production and upgrading to the rank of the second largest producer in OPEC.

Yet did not affect the turmoil in Iraq on the operations of international oil companies, bend increase Iraq's production and upgrading to the rank of the second largest producer in OPEC.

BAGHDAD / obelisk: hunker down of bombs fortified room in the office is subject to tight security in Baghdad is a new reality that is experienced by an official at a Western oil company runs one of the major oil projects in Iraq.

The increase in violence and forced him to car bombings on the restriction of movement and security experts say it is now under the close surveillance of Shi'ite militias may attack Western targets if the United States attacked Syria.

And armed groups are hunting colleagues official working on the 500 km in the giant southern oil fields, which are located near Basra, Iraqi officials say he should not be on officials in the western oil companies approaching them.

A source in the oil industry, "the danger is being at the wrong place at the wrong time."

So far, no disorders affect operations in Iraq to international oil companies, bend increase Iraq's production and upgrading to the rank of the second largest producer in OPEC. But progress to Baghdad's oil faltered because of bottlenecks in ports, pipelines and customs.

The source said, "Baghdad will make all necessary efforts to contain the fallout, but if we lose one, there will be great pressure to withdraw .. and we do not want that."

The Shiite militia threatened to attack U.S. interests in Iraq and the region if Washington proceeded to strike Syria, which has its President Bashar al-Assad supported Iran.

Managers do not feel foreign companies such as PE., Exxon Mobil, Eni, Total and Royal Dutch Shell scared easily because they are accustomed to working in risky environments.

But Iraqi security sources say that Exxon - at risk in particular for being American - rejects the risk has been transferred most of its workforce in the West Qurna 1 project in southern Iraq's oil to Dubai to calm down tensions.

A source in the security company operating in Iraq, "Exxon never risked ... has withdrawn most of the workers."

The company declined to comment.

Although the possibility of military action against Syria is still standing, and senior executives visiting Iraq. He visited Paolo Scaroni, CEO of Italian company ENI in Baghdad earlier this month, officials are still in senior management positions in the Iraqi capital.

A Western diplomat said "the other review procedures and contingency plans but there is no intention to evacuate."

Security experts say that is expected to take the foreign oil companies to withdraw from the signal diplomatic missions. According to sources in the industry that hundreds of Western officials in the oil companies are taking turns to visit and leave the country, mostly in the southern oil fields and a few of them in Baghdad.

Washington has not decided to withdraw one of its embassy but does not allow those who spend their annual vacation to return. Has been distributed to staff masks of gas.

The source, who works for a security company "We asked our customers to take additional precautionary measures .. to reduce their activities and not to bring one into the country or dragging them away from the road and do everything in their power to reduce from appearing."

Since 2010 the international oil companies to exploit the southern fields has raised production of 600 thousand barrels per day to three million barrels per day.

Progress has stalled this year because of problems in the infrastructure and logistics and not because of security issues.

And the activities of American oil companies in southern Iraq is small compared with the Chinese and Russian companies and the British. Exxon operates West Qurna 1 project Occidental owns a small stake in the adjacent Zubair field operated by Eni.

And projects the other giant in the southern region relatively calm and that Shi'ite are the Rumaila field operated by me. My biggest field product in Iraq, the Majnoon field, which is operated by Shell and Halfayah field operated by China National Petroleum Corporation and the West Qurna field -2 run by Russia's Lukoil .

But security analysts say that the proximity of these fields to Iran makes it vulnerable in case of revenge attacks.

Security experts do not expect to catch insurgents permanent damage to Iraqi oil installations, which contributed to generate about $ 60 billion this year.

The aliens in the remote desert locations in the heavily guarded oil fields with a relatively high level of protection. There are at most of these sites have severe surfaces spaces rigidity to resist the rocket attacks.

However, the Iraqi Southern Oil Company, which oversees government operations in the region around Basra, staff advised Westerners in the region to restrict their movement.

The security source said "We will fire rockets, mortars and several bombs ... it would be more like a symbolic attack."
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