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Rules to serve drinking water to slums (post for player)

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Baghdad Haider virgins
called the Municipality of Baghdad enactment of new laws to provide services to the areas of informal "excesses" taking into account the humanitarian aspects.
said director of implementation in the Department of Water Baghdad Hussain Shuai's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that the department and through periodic meetings in the province Baghdad demanded the enactment of new laws to ensure the arrival of drinking water to the areas and neighborhoods is the official deployed heavily in many areas Xba palaces and الفضيلية boycotted the people, stressing that trust and taking into account the humanitarian aspects provide simple services to regions of abuses such as the provision of pure water, noting that the services provided are not legitimize or in support to overcome, but required humanitarian aspects, especially the frequent visits of dignitaries and tribal areas to the Secretary of Baghdad, which directs them with drinking water, despite that the Secretariat does not have any legal formula to provide services to the areas of the excesses to provide them with Ptnakr water on a daily basis or create a water network in several outlets for distribution systematically on role of randomness.
indicated that the Council of Ministers recently decided to grant a piece of land to the poor area of 150 square meters and that the coming period will witness the distribution of forms between covered by this decision. said Shuai has been delivering Transmission line for drinking water in the region of seven palaces and coverage areas far from the port equipped with water Net in the region inhabited by thousands of citizens, which is witnessing the increasing density of the number of occupants continuously, pointing out that the seven palaces still agricultural and does not carry her sex recipe taboo agricultural, stressing D network area الفضيلية distribution outlets water to the citizens directly and fair way. director of implementation explained The Department of Water has been able to renew 90 percent of the drinking water systems in the Rusafa and 55 percent in the Karkh, indicating that the remainder of the networks referred to the implementation and will be completed renovation work during varying periods of time depending on the duration of work. between the amount of water produced which amounted to about 3 million cubic meters are being wasted as a result of the abuse on pipe major carrier of water and deprived areas of official stakes assessments, as well as causing pollution of water withdrawn in irregular situation, pointing out that the main reason for the excesses is to convert most of the orchards to the role of housing as a result of the scarcity of outlets water.
mentions The Director of the Department of Water Baghdad Engineer Ammar Mousa Kazem said earlier in the "morning" a million cubic liters per day is wasted because of the excesses of any what constitutes 35 percent of the water product.
, and pointed out that the cadres of the circle began to extend new networks for a number of areas of Baghdad, including secretions staff Zafaraniya district distributed by the Secretariat recently between the beneficiaries of the staff, as well as D network new water in the area Iiaalbh locality 367, in addition to referring to renew a number of shops in different parts of the capital are Mahltan in the secretary and two in people and 7 shops within boycotted Sadr City. He pointed out that the Secretariat nearing completion of all seven ground reservoirs in Baghdad المتوزعة in areas Jadiriya, granular and Jerusalem, crumb and thirst and the Renaissance, which will contribute to the distribution of drinking water to the farthest regions.http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=53034


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