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Deputy for Iraq calls for granting women a third of the seats in the next government and parliament

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Deputy for Iraq calls for granting women a third of the seats in the next government and parliament
Friday, July 26, 2013 09:30

[Baghdad where]

Demanded the MP for the Iraqi List, reproach the league to adopt the open list and multiple departments in the upcoming parliamentary elections, for the purpose of cutting the road in front of corrupt losers and ascend the helm again, and that women have a third of the seats in the next government and parliament.

The league, according to a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, that "open list will come of minors by clergy enjoyed the experience, competence and professional and they have certificates of postgraduate enable them to represent the people to the fullest, do not, as happened in the current session and previous sessions."

And invited to be a candidate for the conservative inhabitants, at least for a period of [20] years, so that the people of the area on the lookout for a complete biography resume, in order to choose the worthiest and most convenient way to fill this important position. "

She stressed the need not to be a candidate to contest the parliamentary elections campaign of dual citizenship, and to be his loyalty to Iraq exclusively, and not for the chair or the President of the cluster, and urged "to prevent the nomination of the owners of self-sectarian who do not Antmnon to Iraq only the identity of the cases civilian."

She continued, "We need to the voices of moderate and centrist occupy the seats in parliament in the parliamentary session next for the purpose of compatibility to pass Laws stalled since the sessions the previous parliamentary, and the dimensions of the accused in a language shipping sectarian The main reason for the faltering wheel construction and reconstruction and advancement of the Iraqi citizens oppressed."

And demanded "an increase of women's representation in the next election and give women a number of seats in parliament and the government commensurate with their size in Iraqi society, especially since some of them Kdmn during the current stage what the politicians deficit for men submitted to the citizen."

It warned prejudice the right of women in parliamentary session next, whether in the government or the parliament and not to repeat what happened in the current government, stressing the desire of women that gives a third of parliamentary seats and that "the ratio of representation in the government are the same in Parliament because it will not allow the marginalization and exclusion, as happened in the past . "

It is said that the House of Representatives has commenced on Thursday at its second reading of the proposed law to amend the law on elections of the House of Representatives [16] for the year 2005 and the report of the Legal Committee.

And reference was the representative in Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, had stipulated that during his Friday sermon on the political blocs to an amendment to the election law to ensure the balance of the components of the Iraqi people and to be on the basis of multiple departments and the open-list system.

The law of [St. Lego] which was held on the jurisprudence of the provincial elections, which distributed the votes on the blocks in the form in which any entity can not maintain a majority.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has criticized the law [Saint Lego] saying it was "in accordance with this electoral system, the votes obtained by the mass or political entity does not remain with him, but gathered the votes and go to other parties combined, and we warn and working hard with the rest of the blocks and menus that does not have this electoral system in force in the House of Representatives election coming because he Satab state is very severe, where will consist of Parliament from small blocks and Mtadddh and difficult to collect and form a majority in, and therefore difficult to make decisions and become a practical opportunity alliances within the framework of the parliament stressful state. "

It is scheduled to take place the next House of Representatives election in 14 of the next month of June 2014.

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