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Dana Gas and Crescent: Complete reconstruction and development facilities Download Khor Mor liquefied petrol

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Burning of gas associated with the process of extracting oil from one of the fields of Basra because of the lack of possibilities for investment
Dana Gas and Crescent: Complete reconstruction and development facilities Download Khor Mor liquefied petroleum gas in Kurdistan, at a cost of $ 15 million

Author: HAA
Editor: AHS, RS 07.22.2013 18:04

Range Press / Baghdad
Company announced that Dana Gas and Crescent Alamaratetan, private sector companies working in the field of natural gas in the Middle East, on Monday, completed the reconstruction and development facilities loading in the lab Khor Mor for liquid petroleum gas in the Kurdistan region, at a cost reached $ 15 million, and while confirming that the energy productivity of the plant exceed 900 tons of liquid petroleum Gaza daily, pointed to the introduction of the latest download the latest technologies in the production process with the availability of safety requirements.
Said CEO of Crescent Petroleum and Dana Gas Majid Jafar said in a statement published on the AME of news economic, and seen by (range Press), said that "the cost of the reconstruction and development facilities, loading in a factory Khor Mor to liquid petroleum gas, has reached $ 15 million, where was the introduction of the latest technologies load with the availability of safety conditions in the production process and load liquid petroleum gas. "
He said Jaafar said "the productive capacity of plant Core Moore up to more than 900 tons per day of liquid petroleum gas," adding that "the gas that we produce has helped to provide billions of dollars to the government, the cost of fuel in the region and fuel power plants."
Jaafar said he was "looking forward to expand our investments and our production rates in the region, and we are proud that we are one of the largest investors and producers in the oil and gas sector in the Kurdistan region, and this reflects the confidence of investors in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) economic policy of the provincial government."
He said Jafar that "the amount of oil accumulated that have been produced by the company during its production continued in the Kurdistan region since 2008, and reached 88 million barrels of oil equivalent with the arrival of the value of the investment by the company and shareholders with a billion dollars, following the signing of contracts and agreements with the provincial government in April 2007, for the development and reconstruction of facilities patches Core Moore and the ridge, which is one of the largest cumulative production sites for the oil and gas sector in the region. "
He said Jaafar said "maximum energy production per day of oil in this area has reached 88,000 barrels of oil equivalent, and accompanied by the production of about 340 million cubic feet of gas per day, with 15,000 barrels per day of liquids-intensive, and there are plans to expand the rate of production and investment in the region which is in the process of discussing with the Ministry of Natural Resources in the government of the province. "
It is said that Dana Gas holds gas extraction years ago from Khurmur fields to the east of the province of Kirkuk and transferred to two كهربائيتين and one in ridge west Sulaymaniyah and again to the south of Arbil. And includes areas south of Dohuk reserves of oil and gas, and believes that the UAE company holds the extraction of gas from that area and moved to the modern electrical station that the Iraqi company Jordan بنصبها and operated within its investment projects in the region. The Dana Gas Company since 2007, has invested a total of $ 900 million in gas projects in Kurdistan, and plans for further projects, notably gas-powered industrial city.
It is noteworthy that many of the major oil companies and gas companies, including Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron, Total and Gazprom Russian, but not limited to (there are more than 40 companies from 17 countries working in the oil sector of Kurdistan), has entered into contracts for the exploration and production of oil and gas with the Regional Government Kurdistan, which has raised objection to the federal government.
The needling file oil of Kurdistan, which is estimated reserves of 45 billion barrels, the federal government in Baghdad, which opposes along the line, Activity region in this regard and prepared contrary to the Constitution, whilst the region contrary based on the reference constitutional itself, in the absence of the enactment of the federal oil and gas yet .

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