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Parliament busy package of legislation: progress on the Federal Court and the "federal council" big powers

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7/6/2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

 Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah
is preparing the House of Representatives to discuss the 6 important laws within the "one basket" It seems that the political blocs agreed to break a deadlock over legislation parked in the drawers of Parliament because of differences raised by the political parties.
revealed the Legal Committee, on Friday, for the pursuit of political blocs to discuss the legal Federal Court and the Federation Council and the completion of the deliberations on the controversial material. He said members of the Committee blocs that settled most of the materials of contention in the law of the Federal Court, and Monday's session will put this important law to a vote in the House of Representatives, pointing to the existence of observations made ​​by the rule of law on some provisions of the law, it seems that each candidate to raise the ceiling of haggling and greets differences ancient relate the law of the Supreme Judicial Council and the requirement age which seems to be aimed at maintaining the Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud in office.
Committee adds that the groups had agreed to put forward the "Federation Council" as a federal conjunction with the law of the court, in order to be approved members of the second council, which is expected to be along the lines of "Senate" or "Senate," but the powers great.
In a statement to the "long" yesterday, shows Rep. nice Mustafa, a member of the legal committee, said that "the political blocs agreed to pass the 6 laws in one basket, including the Justice and Accountability Law and the Penal Code and the Origins Trials and the Federation Council and the Federal Court. "
said Mustafa said, "These laws will not undergoing one, because each is ready to vote, and some in its primitive and thus delayed the laws ready until the completion of the other and then incorporated push one vote."
said MP from the bloc Curran said "the law of the Federal Court blocs agreed with the state law on the introduction of some observations, including the retained half of the members present Court in accordance with the terms and conditions of the new law taking into account the balance. "
He pointed a member of the legal committee that negotiations on these laws will resume on Saturday between the political blocs in order to include the law of the Federal Court on the agenda Monday's session. He pointed out that "Parliament took advantage of presence of political blocs and claimed discuss these important laws, which under some existed since the beginning of the current legislative session."
The decision of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi said that "the political blocs agreed on the laws at issue from Monday."
said Khalidi that "The laws of contention is the law of the Federal Supreme Court, and amend the law on elections, the House of Representatives (16 of 2005), the Law on the Prohibition of the Baath Party and entities dissolved parties and racist activities and terrorist and expiatory, and the law of the first amendment to the law of the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice (10 of 2008)," he continued "Also, the law amending the Penal Code No. (111 of 1996), and amending the Criminal Procedure Code (23 of 1971), and the draft law book and sources of movable and immovable property belonging to the pillars of the former regime, the law abolishing the changes unfair administrative boundaries of the provinces and districts and areas all as well as the law of parties. "
In the same context, says MP Hassan al-Yasiri, the other member in the Legal Committee of Parliament, that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives agreed with the political blocs to take objections and observations of the rule of law on the Law of the Federal Court and voted upon at a meeting next Monday."
He Yasiri, in a statement to the "long" yesterday, saying that "the notes taken by the political blocs are excluded members of the Federal Court of age set by the law b (70) years."
This may mean insistence by al-Maliki on the survival of Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud on the head of the Federal Court, one of the judges who are over the age of seventy.
continued Yasiri "It was agreed to allow judges and jurists, who hold degrees process in universities, to combine work in the Federal Court and the supervision of the الأطاريح study because these are considered the owners of certificates and specializations rare."
He MP for the rule of law by saying "of other demands that took out the political blocs is not to put the names of the members of the court new to the House of Representatives to keep it away from sectarian quotas were also in the selection of the Electoral Commission and human rights, accountability and justice, which has been selected its members according to sectarian quotas."
and stressed that "names of the members of the Court will be presented to the Federal Council for approval, but he also said there is another problem ستصطدم the blocks are not the enactment of the Federal Council reduce this moment, and therefore blocs agreed to include it on the agenda session next Monday to display for reading."
said committee member Legal that "the draft law of the Federal Court had previously been challenged by the Federal Court earlier which will create a problematic legal you would consider reading coming first or second."
and revealed that "the agreement between the State of Law coalition and the Presidency and the Legal Committee spends to retain half of the members of the Federal Court the current condition of their submission to the specifications of the new law, "explaining that" in the event of the formation of the new court will replace half of its members that are changed remaining but after half the term of the court and that the change is gradual. "
He Yasiri to "the existence of problematic One unresolved, which is that a coalition of state law insists that the president of the Federal Court chairman of the judiciary is real, while the draft law refers to the legal position. "
said MP from the state law that "Saturday will see the discussion of this point, and if failure to reach agreement would resort of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to view the law to a vote in the event of failure to pass will be deported to the next parliamentary session. "
Such a point that raises Unlike significant because the opponents of Maliki succeeded in separating the position of the Chief Justice and Mahmkh Federal through legislation voted upon months before the parliamentary majority and Maliki threatened to challenge it, which could raise the roof of haggling within the "basket of new laws." term

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