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British report: Iraq war costs 190 thousand people and $ 2.2 trillion

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Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid

British report: Iraq war costs 190 thousand people and $ 2.2 trillion

LONDON / Orr News

Magazine reported a Wake British in its report that with the passage of more than ten years on the war in Iraq was the cost of that military adventure nearly 190 thousand American soldiers and a contractor and a civilian bill amounted to nearly 2.2 trillion dollars of taxpayers' money Americans, according to a recent report from Brown University in the United States.

This research was conducted which was released around the report by a group of consisting of 30 people from the economists, anthropologists, lawyers, humanitarian workers and political scientists at 15 universities and specialists from the United Nations and other organizations.

The report went on to say it was the preliminary estimates of the costs of the war by the Office of Financial Management in the United States an estimated $ 60 billion in 2002, but as mentioned earlier the United States ended the proceeds amounted to $ 8 billion was spent only on reconstruction efforts alone. The amount of $ 2.2 billion referred to by Brown University includes the cost of care for veterans and that could jump to $ 3.9 billion dollars in 2053 thanks to the accrued interest on borrowed money.

The report continued by saying that, in respect of deaths reached a population of 190 thousand deaths, a total of 134 thousand deaths were among Iraqi civilians. It is clear that the outcome of these figures very scary and raises one question you it was worth all the fuss? The report concluded that the United States has reaped little while injured Iraq war shocked puppies.

The report also said that the war re-activate the extremist terrorist organizations in the region and relapse in the field of women's rights and weaken the health care system, which is basically unstable there. Really worrying report also confirms that the situation in Iraq has created a state of lack of access to health care after he left almost half the country's doctors during years الالفينات, after the fall of the regime.

Of course a lot of people believe in the Iraq war, a kind of success even though it was the most expensive in the wars of the United States and certainly the days vessels that passed out of the country before applying the strategy rush and increase the number of troops in Iraq with the formation of the Awakening were not to assume relative stability and the fragile peace which appear to be the country in the present nowadays. As indicated Victoria Nuland, spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department that the relations between Iraq and the United States have improved, at least, adding that "Compared to where we were in the era of Saddam, we have now with Iraq security pact bilateral and we have the interests of a deep economic and security relations as well as political relations.

The report went on to say, of course, there is little a fan of the former regime in the United States but the question of whether the United States has achieved its goal of making Iraq a free and democratic country? The report must be that he in fact is not so Iraq is ranked 112 out of 165 countries in the field of democracy and this classification puts Iraq in place of the defective between democracy and authoritarian regime. While that seems to be the case in the country better than it was in 2006, for example, but Iraq today is not free from violence On the morning of the day he launched the report on the new statistics occurred a series of explosions led to the deaths of dozens of people in different parts of the country.

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