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"Economic" intends to limit the Governor to discuss steps to lower the dollar

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"Economic" intends to limit the Governor to discuss steps to lower the dollar

2013-06-14Baghdad-new morning

Parliamentary sources, on Friday, the end of the investigation in a previous administration of the Central Bank, adding that the eight accused only stay in the case of the seven employees were released on bail while still Deputy Director Office of laundering money and has been referred to the Court, a decision likely to release it for lack of evidence, comes at a time of economic and investment Commission announced in the House of representatives would limit current Governor Abdel Basset Turki to learn the steps in by reducing The price of the dollar.

Parliamentary sources said the impact of anonymity for the sensitivity of the subject, "an investigation into the charges against the former management of the Central Bank is coming to an end", stating that "investigative authorities settled on the eight accused of this case."

He said the seven had been released on bail while still fouzia Kadhim, who was serving as Deputy Director of the anti-money laundering Office at the Central Bank was being held in custody. "

The (new morning) revealed earlier reached by specialized agencies to lose (210) a specific invoice values of up to 2 billion (289) million.

And in an interview with the source (the new morning), "Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi has completed the investigation of his case was also transmitted to the specialized courts", but ruled out that "his trial in absentia because the current circumstances do not permit."

The source noted that "preliminary information indicates that the trial of the Deputy Director of the anti-money laundering Office will close and the period that the charges against her are merely being a contravention or a misdemeanour is simple and does not rise to the level of felony", likely to be released for lack of evidence available right and therefore could not be condemned as it currently exists, the Court will endeavour in its pleadings to strengthen the conviction decision ", but he did not deny that there may appear" facts New in the trial stage and the volatility of all scales.

And they (the new morning) quoted Attorney Haitham al-Jabouri is a member of the parliamentary investigative committee charged with following up the Central Bank said in April that "a Committee headed by the President of the Court of appeal of five Baghdad/rusafah federal work to investigate the Central Bank's file and there are quite a few suspects, including current and retired," he said, adding that "most of the charges related to the smuggling of currency speculation and that the responsible officials in the Bank add another civil banks have the right to take legal action such as bank North across Iraq and United. "

And, the economy and Investment Committee threatened the current Administration for the Central Bank to crack at the legal and media to work to reduce the price of the dollar.

Committee member, said Amer Al-Fayez told (the new morning) that "the current Central Bank Governor Abdel Basset Turki had promised in an interview earlier with the adoption of measures to prevent the continued rise of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar", adding that "despite the passage of several weeks that promises nothing but the deteriorating national economy more than months ago.

According to Al-Fayez, a member of the National Alliance "there are international and domestic commercial mafias behind rising hard currency for graft at the expense of the public interest", deploring the fact that "the specialized agencies unable to reach these groups suspicious that the figures supported window."

And vowed economic and Investment Committee member in the "next few days will see the return of Parliament and we in the committees we will control what we can to hold the current management of the Central Bank, but that" we will call again to hear Turkish him reasons for not achieving the promised earlier and then we will have a firm stance if convincing answers. "

He said that "we have several options if the situation continues with the current image, we will address the Prime Minister's Office and ask them to take legal action against the current Administration will resort to the media to uncover the facts as they are."

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So......is this kindly a message to Turkeyhead that if he doesn't fix the problem with the value of the dinar against the dollar he could possibly become roomies with Shabbibi? lol!

I kinda feel like Maliki wanted Shabbs to take action with the value of the Dinar and/or Shabbs wouldn't play ball with malikis back door shenanagins......so Maliki had him arrested......and put his buddy Turkeyhead in charge of the CBI. Now, is this someone trying to force turkeyheads hand?



I tend to agree with your thinking here Reflection.

"Do not wear yourself out to get rich" - Proverbs 23:4

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