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Barzani welcomed Maliki's visit .. Nor about the signals to meet the President of the Region with him

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6.7.2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

London: contagious Fayyad
is expected that the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's visit to Arbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, the day after tomorrow and a meeting of the Federal Council of Ministers there and meeting with the President of the Government of the Territory Barzani, who welcomed the visit by announcing «welcome to visit the upcoming state Federal Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the region ».. In a statement to the Government of the Territory site on the Internet yesterday, Barzani said 'welcome in our name and the Kurdistan Regional Government state visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the provincial capital, and to hold a hearing on the Federal Cabinet as well as for political talks between the two sides. We hope that this initiative will be fruitful and a good start to resolve the outstanding issues and to strengthen the bonds of relations between Baghdad and Erbil. While it is not clear the position of the presidency of the region has been issued by its President Massoud Barzani, any statement or reaction to this visit, and whether Barzani will meet with al-Maliki or not .. In regard to the relationship between Barzani and Maliki, there is a lot of accumulations resulting from the non-implementation of the Prime Minister of the Federal Convention of Arbil, which was initiated and care from the presence of the President of the Kurdistan region directly, the agreement that ended the political crisis real and led to the formation of the government the end of 2010 and enabled al-Maliki to stay In his position as head of the Council of Ministers to shirk later implementation of the rest of the terms of the agreement relating to partnership in real political decision-making and security, and escape from the implementation of the points that he signed with the Kurdistan Alliance, which comes in the forefront of the issue of the disputed areas and move to the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution of Kirkuk and oil and gas law and the salaries of the Peshmerga.
President Barzani has always emphasized on the issue of true partnership, put his question refined: «Are we partners in this country or not?!», also stresses the «importance of adhering to the Iraqi constitution and that is al-Faisal in solving all the problems», accusing al-Maliki «a violation of the Iraqi Constitution», stressing that «the Kurds an integral part of the Iraqi people and their rights and duties in this country and should not be treated as second-class citizens, and in particular that they have contributed strongly the process of regime change and the drafting of the Constitution and the establishment of the new Iraq» . discussions will be effective and possibly hot on the front for a major governments and federal territory, al-Maliki and Barzani, after the recent visit by Barzani to Baghdad and meeting with al-Maliki to settle the outstanding problems between the region and the center, announced that Baghdad had agreed to solve all the problems especially with regard to file oil But statements by Kurdish officials confirmed until the writing of this report that the agreements are still ink on paper has not been activated virtually any point. What increased the complexity of things remarks Vice President of the federal government for energy affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani, at an energy conference held last month in Sydney, Australia, which are charged during the KRG oil smuggling and «the seizure of the people's money», prompting the minister of natural resources (oil) in region drastically to respond to these accusations, saying that «Government of the Territory continues its policy of oil, according to the Iraqi Constitution», and «export part of the oil region legal question for the purpose of importing petroleum products needed by the region». Barzani, President of the Government of the Territory young ambition to take advantage Baghdad from the experiences of Erbil for the reconstruction of Iraq and the provision of services and address economic and security files, it will be facing this time with a process-Maliki, who believes Kurdish politicians that he will not implement any agreement signed by. It will be a presence in the capital of the region is suitable to prove his intentions and sincerity of his speech in the development of its relations with the Kurdish region. Maliki's plane will land Airport Erbil highly developed, and سيتجول head of the Federal Government through the streets of modern central buildings, luxury and Buildings high in the city which offers municipal services, electric power and blessed with a population of security and confidence, while leaving Baghdad, as well as other Iraqi cities, burdened by concerns of lack of services, particularly the power center of a hot summer, and disturbance of the security situation, according to Kurdish leader, the «boom Kurdistan became the envy of the rulers of Baghdad rather than be an incentive for them to reproduce the experience of Barzani and the rebuilding of Iraq ». adds Kurdish leader, who preferred anonymity, said the «Middle East», that «the Kurds do not rely too much on Maliki's visit to Arbil, which may be conducted as a matter of trying to open up to the Kurdish leadership after the hair siege of the Sunni provinces protester six months ago against him and it will be Mufajo to do the agreements signed with Barzani », pointing out that« the Government of the Territory past their projects Urban plans and political and security under the leadership of Prime Minister Barzani, who insists that the region is part of Iraq and hopes to see the cities of Iraq has turned as Arbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk » . the Middle East

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