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China "swallow" America economically in Iraq and Washington confirms: we fought and they have benefited

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3.6.2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Long-Presse / Baghdad acknowledged U.S. officials on Monday, a statement of China recovery Iraqi oil sector in the period after 2003, despite the lack of contribution by the war, and as for drew that Beijing "triumph" for the United States in this aspect by pumping two billion dollars per year in Iraq and the work of companies that accept the "fringe benefit simple", they stressed that these companies maintain "the stability of Iraq," while describing the Iraqi oil official Chinese enterprises to "collaborating and distinctive." said an expert on Middle East affairs at the National Defense University in Washington, Denise Natali In an interview with The New York Times, briefed him (range Press), "The Chinese are preparing now one of the largest beneficiaries of the revival of the Iraqi oil sector in the post-Saddam Hussein understand the need to sources of energy and want to enter the market as well." said Natalie that "state-owned companies Chinese exploited Iraq's entry to the market again after the lifting of economic sanctions with him after the fall of the regime and seized the opportunity to pump around two billion dollars per year in Iraq with sending hundreds of workers to him and more importantly, the Chinese have a desire to accept the terms and provisions of the legislation of the new Iraqi relating to the provisions of the contracts, since accept margin few benefits just to win their companies' contracts. " For his part, Michel said Makovsky, a former official in the U.S. Department of Defense in the administration of former U.S. President George W. Bush and a specialist policy of Iraq's oil, "We lost, The Chinese did not participate war, but economically benefited too from Iraq," noting that "the U.S. Fifth Fleet in the Gulf, and the Air Force works to protect equipment Iraqi oil destined for them," he said, adding that "China has built an airport of its own to transport workers to the oil fields southern Iraq, and there are plans to initiate operates direct flights from Beijing and Shanghai to Baghdad More soon. " explained Makovsky that "managers of Chinese companies residing in hotels city of Basra, luxury does not Istmilon hosts speak English only, but are proficient also talk accent Iraq." The company has been Petrojayna Chinese, announced on April 11, 2013 opening of the airport for the transfer of its staff in the field of Halfaya oil Maysan province, (320 kilometers) south of Baghdad, to and from Basra International Airport, and with an eye to the airport runway one, stressed that the move was to protect workers from the risk of traffic accidents and maintain the integrity of security. , said deputy general manager of contracts and licenses in the Ministry of Oil Iraqi Abdul Mahdi al-Amidi, that "we do not have any problems with the Chinese, they are very cooperative, but what distinguishes them is that they are Chinese companies, governmental and not companies such as Exxon Mobil or BP or Shell." and the Chinese National Petroleum Company made ​​earlier in the year 2012 an offer to buy a 60% share of the West Qurna-1 in the province of Basra by Exxon Mobil, despite the rejection recent Sell "Aldhaguetht, but the Chinese company returned and confirmed, on March 5, 2013, its desire to form a partnership with a U.S. company in the oil field. of said Coordinator for International Energy and the U.S. State Department in the Obama administration first David Goldwyn "What concerns us is that the oil is produced and Iraq earns money from it a very positive thing, it would create relationships convergent between China and Iraq, noting that" the Chinese are role economist in the country through their companies to support the system and promote investment in and help the other country in maintaining stability. " while stressed energy expert Chinese Kevin جيانجون the newspaper the U.S., "that China needs more energy and the need to diversify its sources of energy." Iraq needs to Investment in the energy sector, as oil accounts nerve political and economic life of the country and appreciates the need for Iraq of annual investments up to $ 30 billion to develop oil fields and infrastructure to oil pipelines and build new refineries to be able to reach the production levels set which Stahlh to become one of the pioneers of energy production in the world for decades to come . Iraq is for China, one of the largest countries that rely on it now in استيراداتها oil, as China is now based on the Department of Energy in the United States of the biggest oil-importing countries in the world to meet its growing domestic consumption and form إستيراداتها from the Middle East more than 50% of the imported total with buy Beijing currently has about half of the oil produced by Iraq. seeking the Oil Ministry to develop the energy sector through licensing rounds oil and gas began granted to international companies since 2009, and the number of those contracts 11 contracts went to international companies most important (Exxon Mobil) and (BP) and (Shell), while the spread of Chinese companies in Iraq's oil sector, to become a year after the departure of the U.S. military from Iraq, a fixture in the oil industry, the second largest oil exporter in the system of OPEC oil Contrary to expectations, which pointed out that the U.S. companies Sthmin on the Iraqi market as one of the results of the leadership of the U.S. military to the process of regime change in Baghdad. was cleared only 10% of the area of Iraq for deposits of oil and gas with estimated reserves is installed in all parts of the country with estimates ranging between 45 and 215 billion barrels of oil, which creates a great opportunity for international investors who seeking to enter the Iraqi oil and gas through the rounds of the tender announced by the Ministry of Oil and Iraq needs investments worth 15-20 billion dollars in investments for the construction of four new refineries and the expansion of the energy sector. The Iraq's oil reserves to 145 billion barrels of oil, except for the reserve is located in the Kurdistan region , which currently produces about 3 million barrels, emits about 2.5 million barrels per day, while maintaining the remaining quantities of the refinery to meet local needs.

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