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Parliamentary services: new amendments to the Law on structures

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Parliamentary services: new amendments to the Law on structures

23/05/2013 12:00 AM

Ezzat reasons for non-approval to political differences
Baghdad Muhannad Abdul Wahab
Collect Congress on the need to include the law of infrastructure on the agenda of the Council in order to vote on it, arguing that this law able to increase the size of the investment projects in the country, and the sponsor attracting many international companies to work in Iraq .
said a member of the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary Ihsan al-Awadi, «that the law of infrastructure submitted to the Presidency for a long time and still stalled due to lack of inclusion on the agenda of the Council as a result of political differences and incompatibilities upon by the members of the Council».
pointed out in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network »that the absence of political consensus is one of the main reasons behind the delay the vote on the law by the political blocs that tried some stand obstacle generally to vote on this important law, which will return to the Iraqi society many benefits, especially to increase the volume of investments strategy and attract international companies specialized in the important areas needed by Iraq. And between the MP had been conducting a series of amendments to the law in order to reach a consensus leading to approval, and worked these amendments to enable the law and leaving the fullest face to become ready for a vote, adding that the most prominent points of the amendment contained in the law is the government's commitment to contract with companies according to the guidelines and specific mechanisms and under the supervision of the government, as well as the development of mechanisms for the opening of tenders and analyzed according to special controls established by law, as well as a mechanism specific business for banks.
warned Awadi that delay adoption of the law would slow down the wheel of economic development in Iraq, and impede the implementation of several strategic projects in the country, He called for political blocs to put the interest of the country to the rest of factional interests and partisan, and not to obey the agendas of State that wants to make Iraq one of the countries late according to economic classification and development globally, stressing that the amendments are made ​​to the light of visions and perceptions provided by the political blocs objecting to pass the law, He criticized the rest of the blocks that have not submitted proposals to amend the crucifixion of law and merely providing vague objections «in order to stand a general law only obstacle. Reliable and economists too much on passing a law infrastructure, which would establish a draft strategy large in Iraq, and works on turning the wheel of investment, arguing that the process of payment on credit the most prominent advantages of the law, which can save a cluster of large cash of the state, and works to reduce investment expenditure in public budgets., for its part, showed Services Committee member and reconstruction, an MP for the coalition in Iraq Suhad al-Obeidi said the infrastructure of the important service laws, which could double the volume of services provided to the community. Said al-Obeidi in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,» said the law guarantees the right of Iraq to evolve according to the mechanisms established by law, surprising from a position of some political blocs which stand without approval, despite the economic benefits of the many that can be added by law to reality development in the country , surprising convert a number of parliamentary blocs nature of the law of a service to a politician, which froze the law after its entry into the political consensus. noted Obeidi that the committee formed to consider the law and the amendments it has completed its work to the fullest, but that some political blocs see that the law Iraq can also carry a large debt and this is part of a group fears among some blocks, calling on all political blocs to put Iraq in its priority and to move away from the foreign agendas that seek to lack of development of the Iraqi reality.

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