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Maliki: We will announce tomorrow the names of those involved the recent crisis, and call not to attend the emergency session of parliament [Extended]

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Maliki: We will announce tomorrow the names of those involved the recent crisis, and call not to attend the emergency session of parliament [Extended]
Monday, May 20 / May 2013 19:33

[Baghdad - where]

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said he will announce tomorrow the involved بتسبب the names of the current crisis in the country.

The country has multiple political crises and bombings, most recently on Monday in the capital Baghdad and Basra killed and wounded more than 150 people, mostly civilians, according to official statistics.

Maliki said during a press conference held at the headquarters of the Council of Ministers attended by the correspondent all of Iraq [where] on Monday, "we will discover tomorrow during the cabinet meeting, the names of persons responsible and involved in the current crisis," calling for "the political blocs not to attend the parliament session emergency scheduled tomorrow to discuss the security situation because of this meeting will be to escalate sectarian session and call on everyone not to attend. "

He said, "Everyone knows that some politicians were involved crimes targeting citizens through statements and invitations, and when some people talk about the whole revolution, the same will negatively impact on the field side, and this is what we will discuss on Tuesday at a meeting of the Council of Ministers."

He revealed the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces for "major changes in leadership major security and Central on the background of security breaches recently in the capital Baghdad and the rest of Iraq," adding that "this الاستهدافات reminiscent of the crimes committed previously by the terrorist elements implemented and released from advertisements and statements from some State officials are paid and represent wills are not for the Iraqi people and a cover for armed groups in order to implement its criminal. "

He said the Prime Minister that "the government is negotiating with the protesters owners of legitimate demands, has accomplished what can be accomplished by these demands, and welcome to set up will regions through legal procedures and constitutional mechanisms and not the right of the government to prevent any one of the forms provinces but only to take the opinion of the people in it and be a fundamentalist, and according to the constitution. "

Maliki called MPs not to attend the parliament session emergency scheduled for tomorrow to discuss the security situation "because it will be sectarian and Muturh and escalation and a market Okaz and invite through which some sympathizers of the Baath Party and al-Qaeda to escalation," adding that "the performance presented by the House of Representatives had needed The security situation has become a partner in it. "

And detectors for explosives [sonar] Maliki said that "the committees set up by the Council of Ministers to follow up the issue detectors explosives have shown that such devices can detect 2040% of explosives and that at best, hinting at the use of sniffer dogs in security plans new" revealing at the same time "to make changes in senior security leaders and Central during the next two days against the backdrop of the serious deterioration in the security file in Baghdad and the provinces."

Iraq has witnessed tense security is bombings targeting civilians by car bombs and improvised explosive devices as well as the operations of the organization to assassinate members of the security forces and abduction, as happened in Anbar, where unidentified gunmen kidnapped five members of the police after he set up a fake checkpoint on the highway in the area of Kilo 160 east of the city of Ramadi, Anbar province and took them to an unknown destination and the security forces announced yesterday to find the bodies of the police.

And come armed attacks came in conjunction with the talk about the failure of devices sonar where revealed the results of the commission of inquiry set up by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki over a year ago that "these devices are not intended to detect explosives," while the needs of any device to be able to detect explosives to 150 volts. The price per device ranges between 150 and 200 dollars, while the ministries supplied imported cabinet hardware purchase contracts device price ranges, each of which is between 45 - 60 thousand dollars.

Iraq bought six thousand device during the period between 2008 and 2010, and those devices were used at checkpoints across the country, which threatened the security of civilians and the armed forces.

The Court of major crimes in the British capital London's Old Bailey] issued in 2 of the month of May last year sentenced to ten years imprisonment for British businessman [James McCormick] after being convicted of selling organs fake explosive detection to several countries, including Iraq.

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