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Imported meat raises doubts citizens

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After 2003 the country's economic openness has contributed significantly to the introduction of various types of imported meat and of different origins, and because of the high price of local meat increased on buying imported meat of various kinds, red and white fish, some people have questioned the validity of some of these types of meat for human consumption, and another section of them complained of some restaurants that are using cheap Indian meat as purely Iraqi meat, large variation in spreads between local and imported, raised doubts customers and restaurant patrons from potential use Foreign meat, particularly Indian origin are among the cheaper meat.
Islamic meat

Haji Abu Haidar says (the owner of a restaurant in Baghdad): meet the desire of the customer is our President, our work is based on reputation and good service, most clients of the restaurant asking customers permanently on the type of meat used, confirm that (slaughtered in Islamic way) savory dishes in our restaurant equip of kebab and kabba wehmbrkr fabrics and various types of broth from meat imported in Muslim markets and does not rely on local meat because of the higher prices that could not be any material profit to the owner of the restaurant.

Attractive clean

Ahmed Hassan (the cafeteria for fast food near a University) considers that the cleanliness of the restaurant and its staff is the first thing that attracts the customer, its deals with University students they appreciate how important cleanliness of food on the health of the public, one of the students who are taking food from the cafeteria the cafeteria workers and clean packaging foods and non food caught by hand directly is what drives us to buy from him, and that the kitchen • reliable indicator is the clean foods, welanalm exactly the type of meat used in preparing meals, But probably from imported meat, non-Indian, there are great restaurants are using local meat instead, relying on old reputation, and why the President is imported from asaarallhom licences for local supremacy.


Abu Amjad did not hesitate (the owner of a popular restaurant in the Holy door) in recognition of its use of Indian meat dishes in his restaurant, and denied the existence of any damage of the meat used in the manufacture of snack food is purchased from wholesalers and is licensed, and not for the trade market if licensed health authorities the power to use, and the problem with meat are labels and brands that are recorded, and every restaurant owner looking to cheaper prices in order to attract the customer, especially The restaurant is located in an area crowded with street vendors and workers, and those mostly labourers, many of whom welaikoi to pay beyond their budget.. Difficulties

The Director of health control service there are some obstacles to the work of the people, including the few angels in people health control compared with the number of shops in the city of Baghdad, and the lack of means of transport for the transfer of health monitors to roam easily, each team consists of only two people and cannot cover specific geographic area, in addition to the lack of cooperation by Baghdad that the duty to prevent and to hold the street vendors and sidewalk restaurants, as well as poor health awareness among citizens And ignorance of the dangers exposed foods and unclean could be subjected to food poisoning and even death, pointing out that the duty of health surveillance teams not only inspection on hygiene and cooked foods by restaurant owners, but to control the effective date of the product, and if any one of these products beyond the expiration are destroyed, health teams urges restaurant owners to have them closer to the expiration date of the products entering the restaurant for the purpose of knowing the date of its entry into force, noting the growing phenomenon of restaurants Pavements in streets and residential areas, and are often sold at cheap prices to attract customers.

Fit for consumption

Dr. Saad specialized student health food that meat be divided generally into two parts, non-treated meat (unprocessed) meat treatment (manufacturer), unprocessed meats is where raw meat, it is important to be fit for human consumption because it contains amino acids and non-trans fat intake of nutritional value, but there is the possibility of the presence of pathogenic factors such as the meat to heat, mostly frozen and left to melt and then returns the freeze again, as well as exposure to germs from During the handling of contaminated hand, so there are two cases, one a satisfactory bacteria if people ate meat is cooked well, and the other bacteria as a result of the disintegration of ghirmrdet protein and fat, grease, and its nutritional value is almost non-existent, meat (manufacturer) such as alhmbrker and walsosag kebabs, this material is stored in refrigeration and have a specific expiry date and must be consumed before the expiry date of the access probability of damage to the nutrients and spoilage and microbial growth, and the same applies to canned food, whether painted or cans Non-coated, metal or glass, where there are preservatives or not, they all have expiry date and must be saved and stored properly, particularly imported meat.
Encouraged by the citizen

Director of public relations at the Baghdad municipality Hakim Abdul Zahra said: one of the quays restaurants distorted appearances to Baghdad seeking aesthetic secretariat strives to highlight the cultural and aesthetic landmarks through gardening and growing empty spaces with flowers and trees, indicating that the secretariat raised the restaurateurs excesses because they pollute residential areas with smoke and debris they leave, saying that Iqbal Ali purchase of these restaurants is because of the cheap prices compared with other good restaurants.
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How is life in Baghdad after more than 10 years to change the system? The scenes of her life on the day and at night? In previous visits, the «Middle East» since 2004, living conditions were necessary in our visit to the Iraqi capital to highlight the lives of "Baghdad by day. And the Baghdad night».
Every time we go to Baghdad tell self that architecture and its streets and the level of service has improved, but the disappointment is often shocking to everyone who visits the Iraqi capital, to ruin buildings and city streets just like eat an insect wood termites. Condominium in sadoun Street and Republic of Karrada and Mansour Rashid Street, which is a ruin called the apartment buildings, the identity and address of Iraqi architects achievements since the end of the 1950s through the 1970s and 80s, upheaval in the last century, buildings designed by Rifaat chaderchi, Qahtan and Adnan and kahtan Awni black and moaz Al-aloosi, and many other architects who had insisted that the authentic identity of the city clear, distinctive architecture, buildings do not resemble the outer form but belong to spirit Iraq's modern architecture, it seemed the targets Technical «outdoor sculptures, architectural Adnan also describes black architecture.
We look forward to the day these buildings that have become distorted images of Iraqi architecture due to the neglect, and primarily responsible for this negligence is not the Government but the owners of buildings themselves who make money from the rent allowance and don't care about the maintenance of their buildings, the responsibility of the Government and of the Secretariat of Baghdad reflected that followed them to the owners of these buildings for the purposes of maintenance being the interface, but Government certainly has the responsibility to pay things off this devastation in the city. Official in Baghdad says «we do not assume responsibility for the neglect of the buildings owned by the citizens, even on Rashid Street, the majority of the buildings are private property and street have no right to maintenance and force the owners to pay maintenance.

But it does not stop at the dilapidated buildings, story, poor services and electricity wires that hang in the picture completely distorted life legacy entire neighborhoods turned into ruins and left vulnerable to extinction like bataween neighborhood famous which is located exactly in the heart of the capital near Tahrir square and the revival of Al-Rashid Street, the most famous Haidar, alshwakh box in the Karkh area. According to the writer, Minister of higher education official in the Dawa party, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that Iraq '' there is adequate financial allocation to the municipality of Baghdad but they do not work, this direct responsibility.
Good Street which is one of the oldest and most famous streets of Baghdad during the Ottoman rule was known by the street name (Khalil Pasha Avenue) on behalf of the Governor of Baghdad, Khalil Pasha, Commander of the Ottoman army who expand and modify the main road stretching from the Eastern Gate to the Holy door and make it a street name in 1910, being neglected by Baghdad municipality, where trading has turned to workshops for repair, sale of spare and changed job market beeps branching, and destroyed most of the buildings with balconies, and famous cafés are extinct.
Explains Hakim Abdul Zahra, General Manager of public relations in Baghdad, there was a huge project to develop good especially Street between the Holy door and bridge of martyrs, and the Ministry of culture this project before you begin events «Baghdad Iraqi cultural capital» Baghdad was a member of the Commission responsible for developing this important Street and allocated 130 billion Iraqi dinars for the implementation of the study and good Street development plan, adding that culture Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi, the Defense Minister, the Agency objected to the amount being Is not enough and that Baghdad has pledged to increase budgetary allocations, the Ministry of culture has not implemented the draft developed but did return to the Ministry of finance and rotate it to the Defense Ministry. And invited the Director General of the Ministry of culture to Baghdad not to confuse the functions and tasks of the Ministry of defence. Thus missed the opportunity of this historic development opportunities to the Iraqi capital where the Defense Agency that arms procurement is more important than good Street development, forgetting that the Minister of culture.
Hassan Ajami Cafe for Haidar Rasheed Street, box this cafe was crowded with Iraqi intellectuals and important names of creators, we sat we SIP tea amid the emptiness and ruin the Cafe which was even before 2003 evocative patrons, ask baghdadis man over the age of 65 than people think of reasons led to the destruction of Baghdad, says: '' there is a plot to this city, a plot by officials who do not come from Baghdad but from the remote countryside, all from the highest official and even the youngest in the State General and in Baghdad in particular, and these are held from Baghdad so they neglected her, wondering: "is it possible that the Baghdad provincial Council, or local Government of the capital not only among its members who is originally from Baghdad? And the President of the Council from the countryside and has nothing to do with the city and civilization?». Shut up a bit before adding the "whole world is working to move forward but we hope to return to Baghdad. To the past to get rid of that painful reality.
Baghdadis have difficulty comparison between the image of Baghdad previously placed bright war, according to engineer Al-Baghdadi known as Hisham Al-madfai, «Baghdad remained in our minds as a beautiful and bright idea in all social and cultural life and architecture, the idea had nothing to do with the reality of the city today.
Middle East
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