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Iraq: Maliki intends to run for a third term

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Iraq: Maliki intends to run for a third term

5/13/2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

BAGHDAD - Agencies: MP for the coalition of state law in Iraq, Salman al-Moussawi that the coalition has the intention to nominate Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a third term. He said in a statement to reporters, "It is up to today there is nothing to prevent us from Maliki's nomination for a third term," and describing the claim for disqualification as outside the constitutional contexts it is just media bubbles. He added that the National Alliance options are still open and our standard platform is the supreme interest of the country and not monopolizing power or achieve personal and factional interests. He pointed out that political blocs lost its audience because of their position contradictory and submission of their leadership on the higher interests of the country and a link to some of them agendas outside.
part of the last confirmed Abdulwahab Ali, spokesman for the Supreme Council for the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq in Sulaimaniya yesterday that the Democratic Party is that the individual decisions taken by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his government are that brought Iraq to this stage. "We as a party and Kurds to Anrgb to be a party to the current conflict that exists in Iraq, which is almost turn into a sectarian war."
He explained that these differences are due to damage on the Iraqi people and only lead people into the abyss, pointing out that the reason for the differences is due to political lame followed by Maliki's terms of use for the Constitution and the political consensus on national all conversations that took place between all parties .. As he put it. He emphasized that "the actions of al-Maliki brought Iraq to this point," noting that his party condemns the involvement of the army in political differences and stressing that the army should be for all Iraqis and the Constitution protects and preserves the security of the Iraqi people.
For his part, the Iraqi List MP Walid Mohammadi system regions that the appropriate solution to the problems of Iraq, asserting that it objectors want to divide Iraq into small countries. Mohammadi said that the situation that Iraq is going through a sense of some of the components of the Iraqi people, exclusion and marginalization is also a lack of confidence among the political class represented for these components makes the system appropriate solution regions to govern Iraq. He added that this system saves each governorate rights and divide the wealth equitably among them without the tyranny of the party Grasper authority over other parties and preserves as well as the unity of Iraq of the division.
and authorities reject the project regions, said Mohammadi: These actors do not want to compromise that is equal among all Iraqis are either parties want to monopolize all Iraq without giving the rights of one, or the parties want to keep the situation as it is to explode the pressure in the street and divide Iraq into small states rival.
field-eight people were killed, including four women in two militants in Iraq, according to security sources reported and medical. A source in the Ministry of the Interior: "The unidentified gunmen murdered four women inside a house in the region of seven palaces located in Baghdad's Karrada," without further details. The official source in forensic medicine to receive the bodies of the four women.
In another attack, the security source said: "Three people were killed in an armed attack at the village of Massoud in the viewing area" (30 km) north of Baghdad.
, in turn, said a medical source at the hospital TARMIYA receive the bodies of the three victims and addressing two others were wounded in the attack. The officer was killed anti-terrorism device attack in central eliminate Hit west of the country. A security source in Anbar province, "unidentified gunmen opened fire on a lieutenant in the counter-terrorism, in the neighborhood of teachers amid spend Heat northwest city of Ramadi, which resulted in his death on the spot."
On the other hand wounded four policemen were wounded when a roadside bomb south of Mosul in northern Iraq. Moreover, police found the body of an unidentified man spent stabbed with a sharp object, southwest of Baghdad.

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