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National seeks to gather the parties

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1National seeks to gather the parties Empty National seeks to gather the parties Sat May 11, 2013 8:00 pm



12/05/2013 1:18 am

State law proposes the principle of "political majority" to overcome the outstanding problems
of Baghdad, Alaa al-Tai
revealed the National Alliance for the movements carried out now in order to activate the idea of a national dialogue by holding an expanded meeting of political forces. comes at a time announcing his deputies for a coalition of state law support "for the option of majority political, "during future periods, as a principle in the establishment of governments, stressing that" the quotas, partnership and consensus, "it is only addresses proved its failure in the last years of the life of the government, and turned into a means to achieve personal benefits.
MP for the coalition of state law, Hussein Net said in an interview "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that mobility and orientation are leaders of the Coalition for the collection of the national effort, inviting blocks to dialogue, and activation of the mechanism of a national conference aimed at achieving approaches and to revive the initiative put forward by the coalition.
said net that the head of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari, "leading the mediation and several meetings with the political parties to hold an expanded meeting in order to resolve dilemmas outstanding at the current stage and the advancement of the security of the citizen. "
and praised the Net as "a proposal majority" which was adopted by the National Alliance, stressing that he was "Although it is difficult to achieve in the current phase, but it could be an option successful for the next stage and to achieve good results for the citizen ", adding that this option could work to" correct the course of the political process, which now hang because of the consensus and partnership, which proved ineffective. "
He MP "The partnership and consensus which are the foundations of the democratic process now have become a source of marginalization of the citizen and a means to achieve different goals and interests of the political blocs, which led to the transformation of the Sanitary gain at the expense of the citizen and the democratic process. "
and sees net that option the majority adopted the National Alliance for the next phase caused by the failure of the principle of partnership and disrupt the parliament and the government, pointing out that that principle has contributed significantly to the create outlets for interventions regional in Iraqi affairs.
Observers believe that the concepts are the foundations of the democratic process, but the wording has the form in which افقدها content positive and turned into tools of the damage to the political process and the citizen who has become a victim of the wrong policies and rivalry of parties and their quest behind their interests.
and on the comments block state law to attend parliament sessions, between the Net, that the coalition would end its boycott of parliament sessions after the inclusion of the law criminalizing the Baath Party and subject to Tsopt, considering that the law "requirement turnout and constitutionally," adding, "We were always against the principle of the boycott and support the strengthening of cooperation between the branches of government and parliament, but this law is a requirement turnout It is not reasonable to ten years after are legally انملك to criminalize constitutionally outlawed Baath, "according to the deputy. For his part, Wade MP for the rule of law Mohammed Chihod "proposal majority," which he considered "the solution to the problems that led to disruption of the parliament and the government," stressing that this disruption "stands behind the mechanics of the partnership and quotas and Titles that have provided the political blocs more than it provided to the citizen."
predicted Chihod In an interview for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," no possibility of the application of the proposal at the current stage and the remaining life of the government and the parliament, "considering the project's majority as a" solution paramount for the next phase and can be implemented through the participation of blocs at least a way that they can form a government productive and able to implement its programs unhindered and turn the other parties to oppose fair working to correct the path of the government and parliament, "explaining that he opposed the proposal," we will come back to square one. "and across Chihod his surprise of the vote, which calls for the exclusion, even though it is part of the government and parliament, criticizing at the same time blocks that preoccupied with its own interests and gains that can harvest of fabricating crises.
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