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Syndicated loans and a new way of domestic banks to achieve economic development

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12/05/2013 12:00 AM

Baghdad - Mostafa Hashemi
leads the financial and banking sector and the mechanism for the advancement incident the attention of economists and specialists in this regard because of its significant role in supplying the Iraqi economy viable integration to reach the stage of achieving development and building good economy commensurate phase experienced by the country.
, where he discussed a number of specialists and economists from the private banking system of government and the private sector goal civil sinks, the possibility of the recent granting of loans bundled long-and medium-term financing for the purpose of development projects to take those banks into real role in the economic development process in Iraq.
said Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation, former d. Mehdi al-Hafez presided over and his administration Economic Forum, organized by the Institute of the progress of development policies in the presence of Director General of Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya dry and Executive Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun and Chairman of the Securities Commission Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi and officials at the Central Bank of Iraq and a number of other economists and representatives of private banks, and attended the (morning) yesterday: that the issue of syndicated loans is the subject of a vital and very important because it sheds light on how to dispose of the money held by private banks, which could be solving the problem of excess liquidity has through the formation of a general framework governing the establishment of these banks launch syndicated loans.
, and pointed out that the idea of syndicated loans to build development projects exist all over the world, but it is missing in Iraq, although it is not idea born of time.
said banking expert conciliator Hassan Mahmoud said all Iraqi banks, in both its government and private, stuttering banks performance. He explained that the reason for the stumbling back to that accounted for 90 percent of the money found in government banks and 85 percent of deposits are also present in the government banks while the remaining existing seed money and deposits with private banks.
continued do not think that there is something wrong in the Banking Act If there was a failure and malfunction in private banks Is this shows that the government banks where there are no problems? He stressed that the Ministry of Finance to prevent and went the other ministries not to deal with private banks and do not put the money where he said, adding that if the private banks want to restructure state banks it has to take a distinct role in the investment of excess liquidity has, but unfortunately will is to repair missing because of the large number of words and lack of deeds .
called Mahmoud enactment of a law to protect deposits and another to protect the money because all the private banks and the government unable to invest their money due to the presence of Article 28 of the Banking Act, which prevents them from direct investment as to deprive them of the opportunity to contribute to nation-building, because the high liquidity and do not dispose of them properly ينعكسان negatively economy.
pointed out that the possibility of private banks to meet to finance a specific project through the granting of loans, medium-term projects, the private health sector and determine the percentage of their contribution to it.
For his part, the Executive Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun that the banks heading now to project short-term to achieve profits without exploited, which was born with high liquidity amounted to 450 billion dinars deposits and used to finance a 5 billion dinars only of the money, noting that the private banking sector need to الاستظلال umbrella government and protection.
said Hassoun that the percentage of deposits with banks, ranging from 65 to 68 trillion dinars, of which not to exceed 22 trillion dinars deposits of private banks. Pointing out that the private banks have fallen under these conditions for access to the market in earnest for the adoption of short-term loans, which it deems most suitable to them. For its part, asked Director General of Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya dry for not exploiting government banks for you tremendous located where deposits belonging to the members?
confirmed The idea of syndicated loans has been studied and completed and sent to the Central Bank of 3 months ago and so far have not TAT approved. confirmed that he can not build a country and stand up and apply unless amended laws and regulations.

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