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State law: the proposed law on the demarcation of the border gate for the implementation of Article (140)

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12/05/2013 1:18 am

Political differences might push him to the legislative session coming
Baghdad Farah pumice
expressed his State of Law coalition support for the legislation and pass the proposed law on the demarcation of the border, called upon the Committees legal and regions النيابيتين to work with this proposed legislation, to the extent consistent with the law and the Constitution. member of the legal committee MP for the coalition state law, Hussein Net counting the demarcation of the border gate Act to implement Article 140 of the Constitution, which delayed implementation because of political differences. He said the net in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», that the discussions needed on this law has not been so far, because of the political situation and the current crisis convulsive between the political parties », noting that there should be understandings and mobility of a particular political to pass this proposal, as it is not Easy passed and implemented unless the present political will are moving towards adoption and implementation of this law. Article (140) of the Constitution Second: The responsibility placed upon the executive power in the transitional government, as stipulated in Article 58 of the Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period, stretching and continue to the executive authority elected under this Constitution, that it accomplishes completely (normalization and census and concludes with a referendum in Kirkuk and other disputed territories to determine the will of their citizens) in a maximum atheist Thirty of the month of December year two thousand and seven. said net that a coalition of state law supports this approach and this proposal is seen passed favorably, calling for the chairmanship of the committee that included the proposal on its agenda for discussion and thus submitted to the Presidium of Parliament for presentation to the House of Representatives.
, in turn, said a member of the Committee of the Regions MP Khalid Amin turkey that the proposed law on the demarcation of the border contained of the Presidency of the Republic in the process of the initial discussion. between turkey in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», said the proposed law was received from the presidency to the Presidency in Parliament and referred to the legal department and the Committee of the Regions and the provinces is in the process of the initial discussion has not been presented to the House of Representatives after. noted that the proposal President Talabani states: cancel all decrees of the former regime on the administrative boundaries of cities and towns and bring it back to its former any before 1968, the year he dominated the outlawed Baath Party to power in Iraq. while pointing turkey that this law acceptable to some political parties and reject others, said the payment of the proposed first read without any prior agreement between the political blocs large in the House of Representatives around it will lead to the rejection of the principle, and so will disable the start بتشريعه legislative term next year. said Romy that «his committee discussed this proposed and raised its opinion to the Presidency of the Parliament to determine which laws and decisions in the period of the former regime is unfair in regards to the demarcation of the border between the provinces and districts, counties, before direct بتشريعه for an agent leads to confusion between the provinces », pointing out that the laws on the demarcation of the border in the period of the former regime and the changes between the provinces and districts, counties were to demographic change or for political reasons, while the other part of the law in the public interest. indicated that the demographic change means «the transition from one state to another, and the transformation that occurs to the organization or the social construction of jobs and values ​​and Social Roles through period of time may be this change either positive or negative, and social change phenomenon of sustained public speaking through variations and modifications in human relations or social values ​​Awaladoar centers and individuals ». increased Romy saying that« this law must be precise and separates the laws fair and unfair » , stressing that the proposed law the current text on arrival by the Presidency of the Republic, to amend previous laws unfair, saying that «one of these laws shows that some provinces were enacted its law in order to change the demographic or the nature of the population in that province or deduction from the province to second province of affiliation sparking change the demographic nature of the province ». saw a member of the committee that this law of laws sensitive and important at the same time, requiring the presence of the approval of the members of the blocks are all in order to approve it as a first stage and continue بتشريعه in the early stages remaining, saying that it is not easy adoption of this law in a short period, especially with the development of the current parliament and political differences and the crisis in the country now.
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