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Municipality of Baghdad: Baghdad Metro designs will be completed this year and the duration of the completion of the project (5) years Read more: http://www.sotaliraq.com/mobile-news.php?id=98903#ixzz2SLmLjGgy

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Municipality of Baghdad: Baghdad Metro designs will be completed this year and the duration of the completion of the project (5) years

5/4/2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Long-Presse / Baghdad announced that the secretariat of Baghdad, on Saturday, that the company (Siesta) French embarked on the development of the old designs for the project (Baghdad Metro) and confirmed that the current year will see the completion of all the designs and studies for the project in order to Aalibde its implementation, pointing out that the estimated cost of Metro is about (7.5) billion. said Director of the designs in the Municipality of Baghdad star Abdul Javed, in an interview to (range Press), "The company Systra French, who won re-develop designs for Baghdad Metro Project has begun its work," noting that "the designs and studies for the metro will be completed this year of exposure after the companies concerned. " said Javed said "Estimated cost of the project is (7.5) billion dollars," noting that "a completion of the project up to (5) years." and announced that the secretariat of Baghdad, in (14 August 2012), The company Systra French completed business metro Baghdad, including complete surveys to him, and as shown that the preliminary designs for the project will be submitted through September 2012. was the secretariat of Baghdad confirmed, on 25 July 2011, the French company prepare preliminary designs for the Metro project capital, calling for French companies to compete with international companies to implement the reconstruction projects, as pointed out the French ambassador in Iraq that Baghdad is currently witnessing a stable security encourages companies to work with. chose the secretariat of Baghdad, in February 2011, seven international companies from different countries to submit bids and designs for Baghdad Metro Project, at a cost up to three billion U.S. dollars, where it is hoped to solve this project, the problem of traffic jams plaguing the city streets. would Metro Baghdad of two tracks, the first will be a length of 18 km with 20 stations, and starts from the end of Sadr City, where the main center for locomotives passing through the Square Khilani then Street caliphs Fshara Imam greatest and the end of the courtyard Antar in Adhamiya, second track and Metro will reach a length of 21 kilometers and consists of 21 stations, and begins its path of Fath Square area of the pool through the street-Sadoun, is heading to the Mansour district by Damascus Road and up to the intersection of Fair in Baghdad International and is divided into two branches, one toward Mansour and up to the area of Washash and the other towards the Baya across the street from the south and ends at the intersection of Sharjah. witnessing the Iraqi capital, traffic jams large in the streets because of the increasing enumerate cars and survival of roads and bridges intact, as well as the closure of some roads for security reasons. and boils The project to develop two tracks for the Metro-long (23) kilometers per track, begins the first track from Sadr City toward the yard flying through the area Beirut Square, and then go to the cemetery property in Adhamiya, and perhaps later to Kazimiyah, to be the main station in the yard Khilani near Bridge sink, second track begins Square Uqba passing through the street-Sadoun, the main station to shove after the Tigris River near the bridge Liberals toward the Karkh down to the yard jockey Arab to head after two directions, one to Mansour and the other to Baya, is due to arrive number of trains to ( 86) train length (150 meters), to be the interval between each train is two minutes. noteworthy that the preliminary designs for the Baghdad Metro Project, developed in 1981, but the conditions experienced by the country, from wars and economic blockade prevented initiate it, and returned to talk again from the metro after 2003, Baghdad Secretariat is responsible for re-setting designs and supervision of the project.

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