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Assertions on the importance of global corporate investment

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04/05/2013 12:00 AM

BAGHDAD - morning
predicted interested in economic affairs to continue Iqbal international companies to the Iraqi market remarkably during future periods, noting that the investment laws and overcome the obstacles and proceed to facilitate the work of the most prominent businessmen pros have led to increased corporate Iqbal Global to Iraq, and the welcome center doubling economists Iqbal major global companies, Cdo that one of the important pros that can result in an increase in turnout that is the elimination of unemployment and the transfer of modern technology to the Iraqi market, as well as the possibility of increased rates of GDP as if those companies or industrial productivity.
said the head of the industrial assembly Abdul Hassan Shammari said the trend towards modern technology not only be through the gate to communicate with the international companies that have advanced technology and you want to co-exist The actual on the domestic scene through the transfer of production lines and work into the country and presence on the ground to rotate the wheel of industrial production.
pointed out that the country desperately need to activate the industrial production based on international partnerships with international companies have an affair on the scene International and very advanced mattresses on the list of cutting-edge international companies.
Taurus confirmed, leading sedan from Ford that Iraq represents a promising market for their products to name after studies and questionnaires proved that the purchasing power in Iraq, the continuous rise especially with regard to advanced Altguenanat, at a time when you find the company is working to strengthen outstanding presence in the Middle East without exception during the first quarter of the year 2013. Has recorded a positive growth of 88 percent in the regional sales for this period, which is clearly reflected in the growth of model-year 2013 sales in the Iraqi market by more than 350 percent, thanks to its increasing popularity among customers, because they guarantee them a top-notch levels of convenience and the highest standards of safety, and component technologies pioneered at the sector level.
, in this context, said Thierry Sabbagh, regional sales manager for Ford in the Middle East, said: "Since its inception in the region, has become the company's products represent the preferred option with our customers, because of advanced safety features and technologies, information and entertainment in providing fuel economy, which is not matched by sedans Alrafhh. demonstrates the outstanding performance of the car sales in Iraq over the customers' preference for a Ford Taurus car for others, and appreciation for their unique characteristics and dynamics that clearly reflect the depth of our commitment to delivering cars high quality and equipped with the best intelligent systems and techniques of safety and savings in fuel consumption
and added pigment that the Iraqi market is promising and attract the largest international companies to deal with it in time find your company benefit from innovative technologies to provide leading quality at the sector level, and enhance the driving dynamics, and the preservation of the ancient heritage in the field of safety. doing so, Taurus has succeeded in setting new standards in the field of modern automotive technology; via unique processing techniques such as MyFord Touch ™ platform-based SYNC ®, and the active assistance system on the corner the car, and technical EcoBoost ™ engine, which consolidates its position in the eyes of our customers as the most essential car innovative technologies. With the launch of my car Ford Taurus and Taurus SHO nuclear winning States in the Iraqi market, we have been successful just in providing our customers with the best options that meet their requirements. "
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