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Rafidain University in College seminar calling for the creation of a leap to catch up with modern communications technologies

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04/05/2013 12:00 AM

Baghdad, Mustafa Ibrahim
allow the quality of services and rates of scientific applications of the fourth generation of wireless communication cellular It Khalifa standards generation third and second, the possibility to access the broadband and multimedia messaging service and video chat, mobile TV and broadcast digital video. working group of the fourth generation of wireless communications marked the system efficient spectrally The high capacity of the network and speeds more for the station and the data rate is high, also gives the conversion smoothly across heterogeneous networks and connectivity uninterrupted and تجوالا globally across multiple networks, in general, this system demonstrated by the development of digital technology and the growing demand, can be a lively exchange and use of network resources to meet broader what can the needs and requirements of the beneficiaries. review of factors advancement in communications networks and areas of applications and generations of frequencies used to send and receive data coverage, was placed Scientific Symposium organized by the recent Department of Communication Engineering Computing in the College of Rafidain University. seminar, which was held under the title (networks, broadband communications , its development and its application in Iraq) discussed the possibility of hiring networking and communications technology in support of the educational institution providing a scientific outlook for the installation and controls the use of frequencies and future applications, explaining the opportunities available in the Iraqi market, which awaits expected growth in the future, particularly in establishing the infrastructure for ICT. Department of Communication Engineering Computing was founded in the academic year 2003/2004 in order to prepare the cadres of specialized engineers in the field of engineering digital communications and all the techniques and modern methods of communication via computers and different media, such as optical cable and copper and via satellite. totals for scientific research in the beginning of the seminar reviewed Dr. Mahmoud Jawad Abu Barley Dean of the Faculty of Mesopotamia / university a number of scientific seminars organized by the college, pointing out that this seminar is exposed to some kind of contact via the Internet, of the real advantages of high speed (broadband), which reaches its data speed rates even above 768 Kbit per second, explaining The broadband service can transfer large amounts of information to the PC Tablet (smartphone) which allows the use of technology (WiMAX) and announced in his speech that the college is moving toward the formation of aggregates scientific research and cooperation with the Iraqi universities as well as openness to foreign researchers to identify the location of our country of the scientific revolution taking place in the world and the possibility to keep pace, particularly in the fields of modern telecommunication service to the educational process. As reviewed assistant professor Dr. Hussein كيطان head of communications engineering in college and reality contact in Iraq, stressing the importance of all the joints of the activities engineering, medical and pure science and e-government, and highlighting the stages of the tremendous progress achieved by the communication in the world and the possibility of upgrading the service by the transition from the second to the fourth generation, where a broadband Internet connection and the most common distinctive greater download speeds, including serving in various commercial and scientific purposes .. To promote the capacity of scientific students in this vital area pointed out that the college has contracted with foreign companies sober and reputable scientific known for the development of laboratory section to provide opportunities For wider for students to modern technology and methods of use and development in the fields of communications. step of the way first lecture in this regard by Dr. Imad Hassan Abboud, head of the network architecture International College of Information Engineering at the University of Mesopotamia, in which he stressed the importance of laws and regulations governing placed frequencies, as well as the need to burn the stages missed, he felt that our country is late, up to ten years for the techniques used in this jurisdiction in the world, While we still use the second generation and the world is witnessing applications fourth generation, which means they approached that connects you to your central student performance of the work in his home are his through communication devices together. concludes by saying that مايهمنا much at this stage to put ourselves on the road through research, courses, seminars and conferences in common with the mobile companies and institutions of communication and access for applications of modern .. standards for the modernization and development , Dr. Mohammed owner Mohammed Ali teaching in the Department of Telecommunications Computer in the College of Rafidain University فاستهل lecture threw light on the reality technologies and telecommunications projects in the country, explaining standards evolution wireless to get to increase efficiency and capacity and absorption and achieve the objectives of systems, the fourth generation using improved technology and diversification of the receiver and transmitter and build a network of a wide range of generation in question. stressed the need to do the organs concerned the role access to use the latest scientific techniques, especially as we live and the security situation is stable, and has become easy to import events devices and technologies including positioned to keep pace with the technological revolution taking place in the world in the field of communications.
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