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Participants: Baghdad is an example of unity and peaceful co-existence and convergence

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4/29/2013 2:00 AM

Signed its document calling for tolerance between doctrines
of Baghdad, Tariq al-Araji,
said participants in the International Islamic Conference for dialogue and rapprochement, which concluded its work on Sunday, that Baghdad is returned to its real example of unity and peaceful co-existence and convergence between different shades of the Islamic nation.
said Vice President Dr. Khodair al, in told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," after the conclusion of the conference on Sunday: "The conference in Baghdad is nothing but a message of love and loyalty and harmony, stresses that Iraqi scientists and سياسييه and intellectuals have the ability to dialogue, understanding and rapprochement to resolve all the crises that beset the country." Khuzai added that "the conference sends a message to the world is confirmation that the Iraqis are able to transcend all adversity and transcend all the differences, because they wrote a history of nation to be strong and resistant to all policies and will remain a united people love Iraq and Islam." The conference concluded with International Islamic dialogue and rapprochement held in Baghdad, his work on Sunday after the participation of 300 people from 40 countries at the conference. Across a number of participants in the conference admiration for the organization of the conference and the warm reception, and what they have seen in Baghdad by the example of unity and peaceful co-existence and convergence.
Minister of Awqaf Jordanian Dr Mohammed Noah, confirmed for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," on Sunday, said that "the conference successful by all standards, as observed when the Union in the word and unite in a vision, and that scientists Sunnis and Shiites agree on the love of the Prophet and all his house, and agree on the methodology of the Koran and the sanctity of blood . "
The minister stressed that "Baghdad is now exposed to the major plot and hidden hands messing around in its security, and others are paid off more bloodshed," stressing that "everyone is counting on the awareness of the Iraqi people in all عشائره and sects and its terms of reference big."
expressed Noah "admiration awareness of the great vision of the good surrounding the Iraqi people "and hoped to" keep the blood and Tzah discord that would exclude the Sunni or Shi'a or Kurd or Turkmen, and on Iraq and the Iraqis overcome wisely. "
, said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Endowments for the call, Dr. Gamal Abdel Sattar Muhammad, in an interview for " Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "on Sunday:" The Baghdad began to return to its true because to be an example of unity and peaceful co-existence and convergence. "said Mohammed that he" found Baghdad better than portrayed by the media outside, "pointing to" the existence of a good relationship embedded in the Arab peoples in general, and that this spirit absent from the public face because of the media and made ​​it's disputed, if the UN is not among them, but sticking with this reverse reality completely. "
He Undersecretary of the Ministry of Awqaf of Egypt to "participate Islamic large international conference and good organization in all his joints , in addition to the importance of speeches and which confirms that scientists are aware of the seriousness of sectarian obnoxious and conflict. "In turn, noted academic in science Islamic University Sunan Indonesian Dr Safiullah Muzammil, told the" Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "on Sunday, said that" the conference very important for understanding between Sunni clerics and Shiites. "
between Muzammil that "the unification of discourse and rapprochement between the Islamic nation hurt the interests of all Muslim peoples," expressing his "admiration for the organization of the conference and hospitality received by the participating delegations from various countries of the Islamic world." while stressing researcher Affairs Islamic Algeria Khabq Solomon that "the problem of atonement and terrorism in the Muslim world are mainly in the suppression of the other opinion." and through Solomon in an interview for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," on Sunday, expressed regret that he has been "exporting Islam does not believe in freedom and does not believe in, but the opinion of one single idea, "noting that" Islam is a religion of humanity and entitles thought the other because what committed bloodshed is not Islam something. "
For his part, adviser said Vice President Sheikh Khalid Al Mulla, said the most important came in the final statement, is to emphasize the sanctity of Iraqi blood and Islamic Wan ايصبح difference between scientists and scholars a way of fighting.
Mulla said in an interview for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," on Sunday: "The final statement of the conference to prevent and warned politicians from manipulating differences between the scholars and scientists and Todifaa and invested for propaganda here or there" .
Sheikh Dr. Abdul Latif Hmim, stressed the need for unity among all Iraqi factions and the Islamic nation, and not to kill Muslims at the hands of a Muslim on the basis of identity or caste. signed the participants in the conference on the document Baghdad, and was the most prominent signatories and Minister of Awqaf Jordanian Dr Mohammed Noah and the Mufti Jordanian capital, Amman, Dr. Muhammad Yunus and Sheikh Ali Mohsen al-Matari from Yemen, Sheikh Yusuf al-Nasseri from Iraq and Dr. Sabri Abdel Nasser, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Call in Lebanon in addition to the elders and scholars and scientists, thinkers and researchers from various countries of the Islamic world.
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