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Energy parliamentary rule out the adoption of the law of oil and gas during the current legislative session

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24/04/2013 12:00 AM

Baghdad morning
ruled out of the oil and energy parliamentary approval of the draft law of oil and gas during the current legislative session, attributed the reason to withdraw the draft law by the Committee of Five mini, which was formed by the central government and the Kurdistan region.
was due to the Committee of Five to study the bill and agree on resolving the contentious points that it contains, which represent the main obstacles between the center and the region, in order to exit form the final for the first reading.
Committee member MP Awad al-Awadi said the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "his committee sought to pass the draft law of oil and gas is that the differences between the central government and the Kurdistan region and previous agreements between them on the enactment of the oil and gas province and delay Government Act, all factors that called for the Commission to submit a request to the Presidency to speed up the passage of a government project original and resolve the differences, "
noted Al-Awadi that "the Committee resolved Thread legally within and voted with all its members to pass the bill sender from the government and called through meetings extended with the government, the parliament and the province to take the visions recent real oil and gas law. "
said Al-Awadi, "it was a meeting between the heads of the blocks and the Minister of the Federal Oil and a representative of the Kurdistan region, separated the formation of a committee pentagonal mini comprised representatives from the Iraqi List and alliances national and Kurdistan oil minister representing the federal government, as well as the Minister of Natural Resources representative for the region, "indicating that it was to provide" a formal request to hold an expanded meeting includes the heads of blocs and the Oil and Energy Committee and a representative of the Kurdistan region and the Minister of Natural Resources and the Minister of Petroleum federal government representatives from the government in order to put the final touches on the bill and points of contention left to parliament for a vote, "suggesting" to reach an agreement on the 46 article of the law out of the 50 items and leave the four materials is still disagreement exists about it between the center and the region relating to the powers that allow the government to give wide powers to the oil and gas and the Ministry of the Federal Oil and consultation and coordination with the province and the provinces, and the property, which stipulates that the oil and gas property of the Iraqi people, not unique to one entity, as well as the administration, which stipulated that a joint administration for oil in Iraq, as well as coordination between the province and the provinces on the management of oil. "
and carry Committee member responsible for a failure to approve the law to the government and the region, especially with the absence of any failure on the law in the House of Representatives, recalling the importance of the law for the country's economy and to maintain their oil wealth and reduce conflicts and knowledge of the people's rights and the provinces and territories, noting that the agreement stipulated that there is a ceiling time to give the latest version to be read for the first time, was reached some points of contention on the subject, which was withdrawn between the government and the region, noting that the time limit was specified duration of the month to give opinions but went more than a year and did not move residents as he put it.
said Awadi said copy of the law is still the Committee of Five mini-pulled by the central government and the province in order to reach an agreement, but he has so far not settle the matter, explaining that his committee proposed in order to settle the matter pass the bill for the year 2007 and the next from the government, pointing out that his committee requested that are combined bill for the year 2009 with the first and the waiting that.
ruled MP approve oil and gas law during the current legislative session attributing this to differences continuing between the government and the province, which said they were still "Taatlkon and Tzbban wasting oil wealth and the exclusion of the rights of citizens of this wealth and maintain it," He warned of a "big conspiracy aimed failure to approve the law in order to control monopolies in the province and the federal government."
in turn, called for committee member Fatima Hamidi alliances national and Kurdistan to speed up the passage of the law of oil and gas.
said Hamidi said in a statement received "morning," a copy of the speeding passage of oil and gas law is to ensure that the export, sale and investment of Iraq's oil wealth, indicating the importance of the adoption of the law in the development of the oil investment and export.
said committee member that he should turn alliances into what surviving on by the Iraqi people and the main source of Iraq's budget which is oil, and leave the political differences and quotas on the side another.
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