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The Kurds are demanding Baghdad b 9 billion to compensate the victims of Anfal

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Thursday 18 April 2013
Called the Kurdistan Federal Government in Baghdad to compensate victims of the Anfal campaign» b $ 9 billion, with a human rights organization called on Kurdish authorities to arrest suspects in the case and warned the recruitment file for political gain.
The Kurdish Government has organized a ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Valley 26, badinan and Sheikh wesanan (80 kilometres north of Erbil), chemical weapons that killed more than 200 people and about 400 injured, coincided with celebrations in cities of the territory to commemorate the Anfal campaign waged by the military regime "in successive stages during the 1980s resulted in the deaths of approximately 182 thousand Kurds.
And Prime Minister nechirvan Barzani in a speech during the ceremony, the Iraqi Government has claimed legal and ethical so far offset martyrs», the «region suffered major damage, and in accordance with the criteria and studies adopted by the territorial Government's fifth Squad, they need more than nine billion dollars to revive it, and urged the Federal Government to allocate a budget for payment of such compensation, pursuant to the decision of the High Court which recognized that such crimes of genocide and reversed afford the consequences of this neglect, as well as Ethical responsibility».
In contrast, the rights groups and the opposition, the Kurdish authorities «missed» a lot of money in organizing festivals and celebrations to recall the occasion, but could have been disbursed to treat the wounded who are still suffering from the effects of that campaign, and has so far failed to arrest the accused or implicated, including Kurds who were part of the forces alghosh» (the label that released the national defense forces).
He said activist organization «krdosayd» legal Necmettin Hamma happy for «life», «organization called the Judicial Council told the Court of appeal on May 5 (May), the trial of accused wanted by a decision of the Supreme Court in the Anfal and 258, and should be arrested and tried, but this decision has not been implemented so far, the Council has in turn notify the relevant legal bodies, the Ministry of the Interior did not implement them, and they are still alive and they enjoy freedom and receive funds and salaries and protection in front Victims».
He added: "we stand against any party that seeks to employ the tragedy for political gain, and the defendants--particularly the Anfal campaign--no one has the right to issue an order to pardon, but hiring decisions for the conduct of the file, not the political party, or a case of political competition.
Barzani, in a call to political parties to make the appropriate «all Massena memories catalyst for joint national action to achieve the goals of our people, not to be appropriate to the political and media speculation, and not vain sacrifices Anfal and other disasters of our people in order to ensure a secure future away from disaster for future generations».
Martyrs Minister Aram Ahmed at a meeting held in gmgal district in Sulaymaniyah governorate, handed a memorandum to the three presidencies in Baghdad to demand Iraq's accession to the International Criminal Court, has tried a number of the families of the victims, and the word province demanded his resignation because of his failure to arrest and prosecute «alghosh and advisers» Kurds who participated with the former regime in the campaign.
The movement called on the opposition to "change" a national events away from partisan character, and Kurdish authorities accused of "failure to secure a fair income or health or social care accommodation suitable for families of the victims. The Organization "visited to defend freedoms in a statement that" those who carried out the Anfal campaign yesterday, live a decent life better while 25 years affected by the disaster.

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