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Speaker draws a speech to officers and soldiers and ranks of the Iraqi armed forces on the occasion of the provincial elections

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Speaker draws a speech to officers and soldiers and ranks of the Iraqi armed forces on the occasion of the provincial elections

Friday 12 April 2013

To / sons Iraqi armed forces brave
to / my brothers dear officers and soldiers, mattresses peace and mercy and blessings of God, I address you today as you on the threshold of participating in one of the most important practices of democracy in our beloved Iraq, Tsogon which the country's future, and you offer to the world a picture chronicles indicate your senses and bring your receipt and homeland to safety, and the stage of prosperity desired. you tomorrow on a date with voting in provincial elections, choose which of your convenience, and Tatkaddonh better on the assumption of tasks and responsibilities, and those that audited the good major task, and a great responsibility rests Every Iraqi jealous of his country. Proceeding from this important, I found an urgent need to tell you today, telling you, Moatntekm, not Zykm official or your office, and if your work in the armed forces impose upon you to vote for the special day, it would be nothing eliminates Aracatkm that do not differ from other than you, as if you belong National nothing less than the affiliation of others. You choose your representatives, as will the Iraqis after a week from now, no difference between the two, and you are required such as rest that improved selection of the most efficient and best able to lead our provinces dear, particularly Baghdad, including offers good Service to our people and take them from one state to another best of it. youre day you put the ballot on your behalf does not name your apparatus which belong to him, and therefore it will be tomorrow on receiving orders national, not government or military, and you will be responsible before God and before the people to participate and not neglecting the first, and the proper selection Secondly, and hope that the response large and expressive about the love of the homeland and its people. Dear Brothers has passed our beloved Iraq many years of suffering, hardship and cruelty, did not give them many who were elected to implement honest what he promised, would merely harm the specific category , whether excluded suffering one, I almost safely say no, not because harm was a year, and plans criminals gained everyone, but because you are an integral part of our society, not disagree with him and Analkm what attain this, and if offended some Adapted individual is calculated, it does not mean that everyone Hachakm bad. Dear dear that appeal but I put to you the reality of my responsibility as a representative of the popular will of the nation and on behalf of all my brothers members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and we all look forward to the day when driving qualified principals country whatever their affiliation, address and number of their list. We look forward to achieve a state of complementarity and integration of new, to keep our armed forces national tent shade of our people, and give them a sense of security and confidence, and I daresay that most of you have the desire and ability to do so .. do not hesitate to it. Finally I do not have you only pray to the conservation and conciliation, and that you will be on tomorrow when thinking well, to exert your rights constitutional and electoral to the fullest, and you will be sons keen to present their country and participate with the rest of their fellow Iraqis to draw their future bright booming without influence or favor of one, but the Appeal of Conscience national and reconciled to God Osama Najafi Iraqi Parliament Speaker Baghdad 12/4/2013. *** Office of the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 12/04/2013

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