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[DIFFERENT SOURCE] American to improve the level of "transparency and efficiency" in the Ministry of Oil

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Iraqi signing of a memorandum of understanding - an American to improve the level of "transparency and efficiency" in the Ministry of Oil

Editor: NK, RS
2013/03/17 16:52

Term Press / Baghdad
Announced the U.S. Agency for International Development, on Sunday, signing a memorandum of understanding with the Iraqi Oil Ministry aims to "improve the effectiveness and transparency" of the ministry, confirmed that the memorandum signed at the headquarters of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad will help the ministry to "modernize" its working methods and "reform" its mechanisms administrative .
The agency said in a statement that "the United States Government, represented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Iraqi Oil Ministry to draw support frameworks of the United States to the oil ministry in order to improve the effectiveness and transparency of its operations."
The statement added that it was "held the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding that the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad in the presence of Director of Development and training of Iraq's oil ministry Mr. feet Mohammad Reza, and USAID Mission Director for International Development Mr. Thomas Stahl."
Accuses oil ministry hiding vital information relating to real terms for export and production petroleum, there are also accusations of the Ministry of deliberately delaying monument counters oil platforms export, while continuing the oil ministry Bastdar strict guidelines to managers two years not to declare to the media under any circumstances.
The agreement, according to the statement, to provide support to the Ministry of Petroleum through the draft administrative reform called "coherence" and funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, in accordance with the principles of the Strategic Framework Agreement signed between the United States and Iraq, will also help project "thread" ministry "upgrade services Current provided and taking into account the application of the principle of transparency in order to meet the needs of the Iraqi people better, including improving the practices of procurement contracts and ways to implement the management system of the new development in Iraq, in addition to the introduction of the latest computer programs used in the management of the ministry's budget for capital investment. "
The statement quoted the Director of Development and Training in the Ministry feet Mohammad Reza assertion that "the cooperation objective of signing of this agreement will be very helpful for the ministry, has already achieved a project the United States Agency for International Development (thread) impressive effort in helping other ministries in the government Iraqi, and we look forward to achieve the same progress with our ministry. "
While stressing USAID Mission Director for International Development (USAID) Thomas Stahl, according to the statement that "the signing of this agreement is part of the United States' commitment to help Iraq to manage its resources more efficiently for the benefit of its citizens."
The thread is a project to develop the administrative according to American standards for the Iraqi state institutions aims to develop and work to get rid of excess red tape and modernize procedures, and is being applied in a number of ministries.
He repeatedly activists Iraqi civilians to warn of possible failure Industries Transparency Initiative Extractive concerned to review and monitor exports and oil revenues and natural resources in Iraq, expressing concern about the "lack of orientation real to build a state of institutions" which is the true guarantor for "reducing corruption," and asserted that talk about transparency "is not realistic in a country that did not provide its final accounts for years."
Iraq had announced joining the initiative of transparency in extractive industries in the ninth of January for the year 2010 was accepted officially in the membership of the initiative in 10.02.2010 and through a statement issued by the International Secretariat of the initiative in Oslo, but he did not acquire full membership only in the twelfth of December first 2012 and after fulfilling its obligations and implement the terms of the twenty-one initiative.
Initiative Extractive Industries Transparency is an international consortium based in Oslo and is designed to detect both oil and gas revenues to be known to the citizens to know his country's economy and the size of revenues and expenses initiative also aims to create an atmosphere of transparency in the transfer of information between members of the society in order to reduce the phenomenon of corruption and distribution wealth on people's sons.
The main criteria Transparency Initiative in the extractive industries in need Declaration states were part of the framework and regularly for all payments and receipts of material received by the governments of the countries concerned of oil companies, gas and minerals, so the announcement of these payments and revenues easily and be available to the public, as well as undergo payments and revenues oil and gas and mineral to an independent review along with the participation of civil society organizations actually in the stages of the design, monitoring and evaluation of advertising and review process payments and oil revenues.

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