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Companies and the Ministry of Industry lose successively privatized are necessary and

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Companies and the Ministry of Industry lose successively privatized are necessary and

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Called members of the House of Representatives to privatize companies and the Ministry of Industry, because they do not generate interest, stressing the need to upgrade them to support the oil sector adopted it at the present time.
A member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Faleh Ziadi "The companies and the Ministry of Industry cause loss to the country and do not clog amounts of advances granted by the government have pointed out that non-entry of the private sector in the industry has become clear through the deterioration of the sector is supposed to be the bond of force oil. added Ziadi in a statement to the extent that "privatization is a must through investment and open the companies sober for work and reducing the percentage of the government in the sector since 2004 the ministry could not promote the industrial sector.
pointed out that the lack of support coefficient local Calcment product impact negatively on the country's production and thus keep the local product in the stores, which was supposed to be a priority. He stressed Ziadi the need to go to support the local product through corporate recovery and laboratories working with the Ministry of Industry and return will benefit the country in general, as well as "to take care of the employee who is suffering from poverty over the lack of financial allocations with respect to incentives and dividends and bonus for that problem began to worsen.
part confirmed member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Najiba Najib that companies and the Ministry of Industry shackle state money penalty of more than four trillion dinars annually and should be profitable but loss-making companies and explained Najib told how "in spite of the new constitution did not state can get out of restrictions public companies affiliated Ministry of Industry, which is now lost and can not promote the economic reality is therefore necessary to promote through increased domestic production and employment opportunities for citizens with the private sector.
and followed, the two governments legislative and executive stand on this issue that we need to package of legislation that supports the private sector there are investment law and commercial companies, but also restrictions still exist that can not be for the industrial sector to succeed without the private sector. And called for the privatization of the industrial sector and provide an environment suitable investment for companies that enter to work in the industrial sector to bail him out of deterioration experienced by
so stressed economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine that the industrial sector is weak and not up to the desired result of the marginalization and neglect of the long-past three decades during the days of the former regime and after the events 2003, pointing out: the demise of the former regime and enter the era of change was necessary to promote this sector but the government neglect and lack of political support led to Dmorh and forgotten under the political problems of the state.
said Antoine's (Iba) that, despite the growing oil imports and rising prices and increased pumping only that the share of the industrial sector of the budget is very low and there is no interest in the industry and there is no care for industrialists and the private sector, "he said, adding there stopped exceed more than 85% in industrial projects in the private and public sector as a result of negligence by the State."
The expert added that "there is no revenue political support and activate the role of the industrial sector and the lack of a strategic plan industrial of attention and the invasion of goods and foreign goods markets Iraqi various neighboring countries and South Asia, which are not subject to quality specifications and the tests health led to the deterioration of the industrial sector fully. "
noted Antoine that blackouts semi permanent for industrial projects and industrial zones impact very high costs and lack of support in the census of industrial projects duties, taxes and customs tariffs private and loss of skills and experience workers in Iraq as a result of migration continued and eat capital to the Iraqis significantly all crippled the industrial sector of Iraq. "
He Antoine "that the sector industrial needs for the formation of a strategic plan and give a leading role and the need for political support for the advancement of the sector to increase national output and to reduce rentier dependence on oil.

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