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Maliki's insistence on Allahal ...

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1Maliki's insistence on Allahal ... Empty Maliki's insistence on Allahal ... Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:06 pm



By: Khalil Cardh - 07-03-2013 | (Voice of Iraq) | printable version
In an attempt to cover up the protests continued for some time in the Sunni provinces reject the policies of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of marginalization and exclusion of the blocks Iraqi involved in the national partnership to lead Iraq, and imposed this government to provide services to citizens and meet their desires in free and dignified life, to enact laws to implement social justice , and reviving the Iraqi economy faltering for decades and raise the purchasing power of citizens by raising the actual value of the Iraqi dinar and raise zeros, which affected the survival, and according to the language of the figures that the Iraqi economy of the strongest and richest economies in the region, where the Iraqi budget for the current year 2013 an estimated 138 trillion and 424 billion and 608 million Iraqi dinars and these figures sufficient to remove Iraq from the list of the poorest countries in the world.
As is clearly evident that the Iraqi leader was following a policy of creating frequent crises, meaning filled Iraqi politicians contrived crises without paying attention to the economic situation and the cry of the collapse, which requires us serious pause to correct the path.
After shuttling of negotiations between the federal government and the provincial government, and the approaching parties to what is a truce to provide a suitable ground for a political solution and the military, even surprised us Maliki to form "operations to deter the island and the desert" and seek to spread in the Sinjar district, one of the Kurdish areas outside the region (disputed) even seemed to create a new crisis incipient civil war between the two sides, this, which confirms our words about (creating crises frequent) by the Maliki government and insist on Allahlol Crisis Iraqi, instead of reaching an agreement with the leaders of the protests and achieve their demands, which are in fact right and constitutional, but he insisted on creating another front to increase the tension between the federal government and the provincial government.
According to a previous agreement between the leadership of the province and the federal government that knows the federal government leadership province Bay military action inside or towards the occupied Kurdistan outside the region, and the approval of the Commission الوزراية Supreme Committee work the upper and surround prior to lead the province to those moves, but the federal government moved troops from the Iraqi army without the knowledge of the region Sinjar area was goal is to establish a new headquarters for military operations command, this time as "the leadership of the island and the desert" said Jabbar Yawar, the Secretary General of the Ministry of the Kurdish Peshmerga spokesman Regional Guard leadership.
When asked Yawar in an interview in the Middle East whether the incident will lead to a crisis similar to what happened in the area of Tuz Khor Mato when I tried the federal government to form the leadership of the Tigris where, said Yawar "Of course if it does not solve the problem urgently will have serious repercussions, and could undermine our efforts to overcome the problem that arose in the area of Tuz Khurmatu "
We conclude from this that Iraq is on the verge of a catastrophic civil war if Maliki's intransigence in resolving outstanding issues between the parties the federal and provincial, and if he does not respond to the demands of protesters in the Sunni provinces virtually non-procrastination and launch promises picturesque haphazardly.
And falls on the shoulders of the National Alliance, the task of finding Democratic Alternative to replace Maliki and change his political performance and pull Iraq out of its crises plaguing its by Maliki irresponsible policies.

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