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Parliament voted on proponents of Kurdistan and the national oil companies regarding dues

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Parliament voted on proponents of Kurdistan and the national oil companies regarding dues

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Threatened the Kurdistan Alliance bloc reaction "ominous" in case of passing the federal budget for 2013 without paying dues oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region, stressing the need to approve the budget in the House of Representatives political consensus, "because the government came Baltuaqat and the political process is going according to this mechanism ".
For its part, revealed a cluster of state law that the House of Representatives will present proposals on the issue of payment of oil, the first provider of the Kurdistan Alliance and spend to pay four billion dollars, and the second proposal bloc National Alliance judge pay and a half billion dollars, and proposed that gets the highest vote will be adopted within the project budget.
The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Qassim Mohammed "long" that "there is a great desire among all the political blocs to pass the budget bill in tomorrow's meeting, but he also" but political differences on the budget has not been resolved between coalitions of Kurdistan and the National about paying dues oil companies. "
And on the inability of the House of Representatives vote on the federal budget for 2013 despite sent by the government five months ago, carrying Mohammed state law responsible for the failure of Parliament to approve the budget, and said that "the political attempt disability vote and pass federal budget law is a state law that Taatsna excuses, and failing to comply with the agreements concluded with the Kurdistan Regional Government. "
He pointed out that the "coalition of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki wants to reimburse oil companies in the form of remittances paid instruments and with the consent of the Council of Ministers, while the Kurdistan Alliance rejected this proposal because of the loss of confidence Maliki promises that have not previously committed."
He ruled MP Mohammad Qasim vote on the budget in its current form, and added that if "you do not include the budget law paragraph or explicit provision allowing oil to pay dues to the Government of the Territory did not vote on the budget," adding that the Kurdish delegation will resume negotiations soon.
Mohammed indicated that "can not pass the budget in the House of Representatives, but political consensus because the government came Baltuaqat and the political process is going according to this mechanism," warning at the same time of the vote on this budget without taking our demands because otherwise will generate "reaction may not ominous ".
However, the MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri, revealed that "the House of Representatives will be presented at its next meeting to vote on the proposal made by the government and the Kurds on the proposal dues of the oil companies."
Yasiri said in an interview with the "long" that the Presidency Council of Representatives will be proposed government which requires the payment of one billion and five hundred million dollars for the Kurdistan region as part of the dues of oil companies, as well as the proposed second claimed by the Kurdistan Alliance is paying four billion dollars at one of these companies " .
He added that "Parliament will go to vote on the budget bill even though the reservation of the Kurdistan Alliance on certain paragraphs," pointing out that there are amendments in some articles of the budget in line with the aspirations of the political blocs.
He noted a member of the Finance Committee that "the government can not add any amount on the current budget that will raise the current deficit, and therefore best to speed up the adoption of the budget at a meeting on Monday." Yasiri denied that there is an intention of the House of Representatives to re-budget law to the government if it failed to pass, pointing out that the Parliament voted not returned once again to the government in the previous session.
The meeting of representatives of the governments of central and Kurdistan region failed to reach a final formula on entitlements oil companies operating in the region, to resolve the budget law financial for the current year 2013, after more than an hour on the failure of the meeting of heads of parliamentary blocs, while select House Speaker Osama Najafi, tomorrow , a deadline to vote on the budget.

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