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Parliamentary Finance: Oil does not cover the needs of the general budget

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Parliamentary Finance: Oil does not cover the needs of the general budget

Baghdad / follow-up term

Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the level of oil exports did not reach so far the level of cover the needs of the current budget, at the same time said parliamentary bloc in the House of Representatives that Iraq is losing month about four billion dollars a month due to the late adoption of the general budget.
Committee Chairman Haider al-Abadi told a press conference, the first of yesterday's parliament building: "Some blocs raised an objection on the state budget through several demands focus each by demanding an increase of the size of the budget," noting that "the Finance Committee believes that it is possible private that the current budget already suffering from inflation and increasing inflation will increase this. "
Abadi added that the "account Iraq's oil imports during the current budget calculates the price of oil was $ 90, and on the basis that oil exports are 2.9 million barrels per day, at a time that the volume of exports did not exceed 2.4 per barrel since the beginning of this year," saying "increase the size of the budget is causing confusion in the event of increased".
He Abadi that "the demands of some of the blocks was the reason for blocking adoption of the budget, where the Kurdistan Alliance demanding payment of dues of oil companies and this has been agreed in principle with the survival of some formalities, the Iraqi List, was demand by reducing allocations defense and arming the army and transferred to the development of regions and we do not reject the development of regions, "adding that" reduce defense allocations is an open invitation to the enemies of Iraq to the detriment of it. "
The head of the Finance Committee that "the budget was voted on in the government by an absolute majority of all the ministers of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance and voted to approve the signatures found in the minutes of the adoption of the budget in the Council of Ministers," calling House Speaker to "show the budget to a vote at a meeting this Saturday and leave off contentious paragraphs through direct vote. "
It confirmed the mass of virtue in the House of Representatives that Iraq is losing month about four billion dollars a month due to the late adoption of the general budget, and showed that most of the investment projects to the Iraqi ministries parked, as demanded Parliament to speed up the vote on the budget and adopt a proposal split the investment budget to five-year high.
The MP said the bloc Virtue, Hussein Mura'bi, during a press conference building the House of Representatives and attended, (range Press), said that "Iraq is losing more than four billion dollars a month due to the late adoption of the budget," and urged the House of Representatives "to speed up the vote on the budget to avoid this great loss. "
He Mura'bi The "wheel of development in Iraq late and turned government institutions to consumer behavior supplementary budget only from the salaries," noting that "the investment budget, amounting to $ 47 billion parked means delayed completion of projects under implementation and lack of direct new projects."
And draw Mura'bi to that "any party that obstructs budget contribute to the waste of billions of dollars," and urged the Ministry of Planning to "adopt our previous proposal for division of the investment budget to five-year strategy for large projects and high for small enterprises to prevent delays in the completion of projects Giants."
The lifting of the House of Representatives the day before yesterday, the 12th session of Parliament scheduled to vote on the budget today, and due to lack of quorum, for the third time in ten days.
The postponement of the parliamentary session of the 12 allocated to the vote on the budget bill financial for the current year 2013, the third within ten days, as determined by the head of the Iraqi parliament Osama al-Nujaifi, in the 11 of February 2013, suspended until agreement on a budget bill, while decided, Tuesday, (February 19 2013), postponed to Thursday, for lack of a quorum because of continuing differences on the budget.
The estimated value of Iraq's budget for 2013 b 138 trillion Iraqi dinars calculated based on the price of oil at $ 90 per barrel, and an export rate of two million and 900 thousand barrels per day.

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