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'Political joke' ousted general budget of Iraq and parliament, throwing the ball in the court of the heads of blocs Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=2&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&tl=en&twu=1&u=

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'Political joke' ousted general budget of Iraq and parliament, throwing the ball in the court of the heads of blocs

12-02-2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad, Erbil: «Middle East»
Does not pass a law or legislation by a vote within the Iraqi parliament, which comprises 325 deputies did not put the finishing touches upon the heads of blocs, as the first station, and first-line leaders in the country.
Many laws and regulations are still parked on the shelves of the Presidency pending political consensus has been missing since at least a year in Iraq as a result of successive crises.

Financial budget of the state and the amount of this year, about $ 138 billion entered a tunnel political crisis experienced by the country after having been made to them, and according to informed by «Middle East» scheduled parliament Bassima Boutros «many of the observations and proposals by the parliamentary blocs, which is hampering rated.

Adds Peter (Deputy for mass Christianity in the Iraqi parliament) that «such matters, which are often put in the time completed everything and decided the Presidency included the vote, is what makes it difficult to pass the budget in these circumstances», noting that « parliamentary committees began work in order to reach solutions and inventory differences in preparation for solutions.

The Kurdistan Alliance has called for political blocs to expedite the adoption of the budget during the next sessions of the House of Representatives. Said Alliance, Mahma Khalil during a press conference held in the Parliament building yesterday that «Everyone imagines that the Kurdistan Alliance is hindering the adoption of the budget, but this is not true, calling the political blocs to expedite the agreement for the adoption of the budget. Khalil added that «there is a political wills tried to destabilize the situation and to postpone the adoption of the budget through media statements, pointing out that« the region's share of the budget is 17% since 2007 and to this day, calling for a census in order to increase the region's share. Khalil continued that «the region receives each year, 11% or 12% of the federal budget of 17%.

And at the same, exchanged State of Law bloc led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Kurdistan Alliance bloc accusations of obstructing the budget for this financial year.

A member of parliament for the rule of law and a member of the Services Committee parliamentary Ihsan al-Awadi told the «Middle East» that «the budget was presented late last year and was supposed to be voted on early this year, but there are issues occurred in the arena, including county and Iraqi demonstrations dropped overshadowed by, however it was agreed on everything and is ready to vote not for the emergence of a new political problem during the last three days by the Kurdistan Alliance, which hurt the budget.

He added that «the Kurds demanded in one way or another to raise their proportion of the 17% that are already different to the proportion of 23%, as well as other claims so that we have entered into a real problem, especially that there Sandem to political reasons, including members of the Iraqi List. The Awadi: «In the face of this escalation by the Kurdistan Alliance, there are 122 deputies, mostly from the National Alliance and some Iraqi MPs have made a request to be dealt between the provinces in terms of the budget on the basis of percentage of population», stressing that «the share of the Kurds in the light of the proportion of the population is 12% of the budget, but some political conventions and other things made cities such as Arbil, Dohuk or Sulaymaniyah deal advantage for cities such as Basra or salads or Anbar or Muthanna and already asked the Presidency to include this request for the purpose of voting on it. And on the requests made by the Kurdistan Alliance and hindered adoption of the budget, said Al-Awadi: «They demanded to pay about $ 4 billion dues to companies while there are obligations on these companies, which have not been settled as well as billion dollars salaries of the Peshmerga and lack of accountability of the Territory on the amount of oil exported from before. Awadi pointed out that «all of these matters can not be done by a single party government before it is resolved many of the issues associated with them.

For his part, denied spokesman of the Kurdistan Alliance supporter Tayyip told «Middle East» that the Kurdistan Alliance had demanded an increase rate of 17% to 23%, saying: «There is no truth to it at all because we are committed to the agreements in this regard until the census» revealing «All that happened was that one of the deputies of the Kurdistan Alliance For Prank said they if they continue putting obstacles we will call for an increase to 23%.

Ok stressed that «our demands are not new and that our position clear on these issues since the beginning, have confirmed our commitment to the agreements until the census, which will adhere to its outcome whatever. Ok called «not shuffling papers in this regard because all respect to corporate benefits or Peshmerga but is agreed things and some of them since the Erbil agreement that the current government was formed under.

In Kurdistan and after intense discussions on doors Territory's budget, submitted blocs opposition parliament a request to the presidency of the re-draft budget law to the Government of the Region to make adjustments required it, but the parliamentary majority refused to do so, and decided to continue the ongoing discussions around a prelude for approval within the next few days. The sessions storm on the Territory's budget for the current year has seen intense debates because of what it considers the opposition excesses and exaggerations assignments doors, especially customizations vague sought clarification opposition and the Ministry of Finance to detect clearly, and provide 97 members out of 111 members with questions to the ministers of finance and planning throughout the previous sessions. The Speaker has suspended its first yesterday to consult with the opposition blocs on ways to find a comprehensive consensus on the budget and pass a law as soon as possible to avoid the problem of delayed, as happened last year when budget was approved by mid-year.

In the meantime, the opposition parties had called yesterday to increase the salaries of employees and retirees by a large margin so that at least average employee's salary for 600 thousand dinars (equivalent to $ 500 per month), and retired salary to 450 thousand dinars, but the government refused to do so.

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